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Is Final Fantasy IX Getting a Remake?

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Thinking about making a return to Gaia? You might be wondering if Final Fantasy IX will be getting a remake.

It was the last mainline Final Fantasy game is launch on the original PlayStation. Final Fantasy IX saw players join the likes of Zidane, Garnet, and Vivi amongst others on an adventure across Gaia, defending themselves against the likes of Queen Brahne and Kuja.

Like Final Fantasy VII and VIII before it, IX had a unique style and setting that set it apart from the other entries of its era. It marked the return to a more traditional fantasy setting, as well as a simpler approach to the series' combat system.

More recently, Final Fantasy IX received a HD remaster in 2016 for iOS, Android, and Windows PC which added in updated character models, an auto-save feature, and a number of game boosters. The port was later released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

While the remaster has helped preserve all of the classic elements of Final Fantasy IX, many fans have been wondering if the game will receive a full remake.

Final Fantasy IX Remake Nvidia Rumors

During September last year, a number of games were listed in a huge Nvidia database leak. This leak gave information about a number of video game projects that were in the works, ranging from the believable to the outlandish. While Nvidia confirmed that the leaks were legitimate, the company warned that the listings were for "internal tracking and testing," and that a listed game might not actually exist.

Fast forward a few months and a number of surprising listings were actually proven to be in development. One of the most notable was Kingdom Hearts 4, a game that many thought would be years away from an announcement (if happening at all) but was recently revealed by Square Enix.

Among the original listings was a remake for Final Fantasy IX.

Square Enix haven't confirmed anything at this point, or even hinted towards it. But given the number of projects that have since been confirmed from the leak, many fans have started to get their hopes up.

Exactly what the remake would entail for Final Fantasy IX is anyone's guess. Will it receive a similar treatment to Final Fantasy VII: Remake? Would Square Enix skip a remake for Final Fantasy VIII in favor of IX? Will I continue to ignore Tetra Master? The answer: maybe.

It seems strange, but not completely out of the question considering just how many of the Nvidia leaks have proven true when it comes to Square Enix. In any case, until an official announcement is made, fans should set their expectations accordingly.