Is Rainbow Six Extraction on PlayStation?

Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, launches Sept. 16.
Rainbow Six Extraction, formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, launches Sept. 16. / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Is Rainbow Six Extraction on PlayStation?

After initially being known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, and making its gameplay reveal during the E3 Ubisoft Forward show earlier this month, Ubisoft Montreal's Rainbow Six Extraction has garnered a lot of excitement from fans new and old of the beloved tactical shooter franchise. Here's the latest for PlayStation players anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see what Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction has in store.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction on PlayStation?

Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction will be releasing on PlayStation. Players can currently preorder the tactical shooter for the PS4 and PS5. If bought for the previous generation, the game comes with a free upgrade to the next generation of console should players choose to use it.

As the latest installment of the Tom Clancy's series, Rainbow Six Extraction invites players to contain a growing alien threat known as Archæans, while also introducing new features and building on the tactical gameplay elements established in Rainbow Six Siege.

A PvE co-op experience, up to three players can form a squad from a pool of 18 Rainbow Six Siege operators who have joined Ash, Mira, and Thermite to form the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis Containment Team (REACT).

Here is an excerpt of Ubisoft Montreal's official synopsis on what Rainbow Six Extraction will have in store for fans:

Different combinations of operators can open new strategies for approaching the Archæan threats. Set across four regions in the United States, each of Extraction’s 12 maps feature procedurally generated challenges, a diverse set of enemies, and infestations with increasing difficulty the further you go in, all designed to keep your REACT squad on its toes and test your teamwork.

In anticipation of its Sept. 16 release date, complete with day one crossplay features, Rainbow Six Extraction is available for preorder on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia and PC via Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect.