JGOD and TrueGameData Reveal Why 'Melee Lunge' Isn't an Issue in Warzone

"It's called desync."
"It's called desync." / Image courtesy of Activision

Much like in any battle royale, getting downed in Warzone is something that immediately causes players to reassess and even question whether or not what just transpired was avoidable or fair.

Aside from instances where players are clearly cheating by camping in broken places, one of the most frustrating ways to go is by getting melee attacked down to zero hp. One of the biggest related issues particularly with this is that, at times, it seems others can turn into The Flash and punch you down from unrealistic distances because of broken "melee lunge" mechanics. According to Warzone content creators JGOD and TrueGameData, however, this simply is not the case.

On Wednesday, @shaunBens posted a clip on Twitter of him playing a match on Rebirth Island that seemed to showcase exactly why the game's melee lunge distance needs to be addressed.

Moments later, however, JGOD replied to explain that melee lunge isn't an issue at all.

"It's called desync," JGOD replied.

"I'm glad someone out there gets it," TrueGameData added.

JGOD went on to go more in-depth on the topic, mentioning that contrary to popular belief, the clips of suspicious melee kills has nothing to do with FOV or broken lunge mechanics, but rather are simply related to desync and rubber-banding stemming from high latency errors.

"That's why people never have clips from the 1st person pov, they are always kill cams," JGOD said on Twitter.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether or not this will clear up the complaints within the community on the topic as it seems to be a "by feel" thing, but this should be a minor concern considering it has to do with situational connection factors and happens relatively rarely.

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