Junker Queen Overwatch 2 Abilities Apparently Revealed in Leak

A new leak has seemingly revealed key information about the Junker Queen being a playable hero for Overwatch 2.
A new leak has seemingly revealed key information about the Junker Queen being a playable hero for Overwatch 2. / Image courtesy of Chamachine, Blizzard

For those still holding out hope to see the Junker Queen make her Overwatch debut as a playable character, it appears you may be in luck.

Dating back five years ago to 2017 and the release of Junkertown as a playable map, there's been quite a handful of those in the community who've remained loyal and avid fans of the Queen of Junkertown — a character who's yet to make an in-game appearance outside of gracing several decorative posters.

Thanks to an apparent leak shared by the self-proclaimed "biggest Overwatch streamer who is not under NDA" Félix "Féfé" Münch, however, it appears not only could the Junker Queen be joining the fray in the upcoming sequel, but we might already know what her abilities and role could look like.

On April 5, Féfé went live to share some information that was sent to him by a viewer he considers a "reliable source," according to English translations posted on Reddit by u/Stuck-In-Orbit.

First off, the Queen seemingly uses a shotgun called the Scattergun, which is pretty unorthodox in its mechanics as it could have adjustable spread, adjustable amounts of damage and/or reloads bullet by bullet.

Second, Junker Queen appears to also be able to wield a sword that can be used to melee attack and inflict a damage-over-time bleeding effect, as well as be thrown as a boomerang to hit those from afar.

The Queen's first ability looks to be a battle cry that gives herself an additional 200 hp and her allies an additional 100 hp, as well as a 30% speed buff mixed in somewhere.

Her second ability is seemingly called "Carnage" and simply deals damage to all enemies in front of her with a bleeding effect.

The Queen also seems to have a passive "adrenaline shot" ability, which heals all damage that is done by her bleeding effect.

Lastly, Junker Queen's supposed ultimate is "Rampage" and sees her charge forward, dealing anti-healing and bleed to enemies all the while healing herself via her passive.

Ultimately, Féfé's original rundown of the apparent leak can be found on his YouTube channel, which he's since emphasized should be taken with a grain of salt since none of this is confirmed.