Knockout City Deluxe Edition Items: Full List of Bonuses

courtesy of Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts offers a Knockout City Deluxe Edition that comes with more cosmetics for characters in game.

Character customization is an important factor in game nowadays, especially for an online multiplayer game such as Knockout City. Knockout City offers character customization where the clothing, team logo, and even the voice of the character can be selected.

The Deluxe Edition is an extension of Knockout City that adds more customization choices for players. It is $9.99 higher than the original game, making it $29.99.

The game currently offers a 10 day free trial for all platforms but those who wish to obtain these extra content must purchase the game. Also note that the game may be free trial but PlayStation players must have PS Plus as a prerequisite to play the game.

Knockout City Deluxe Edition Items: Full List

courtesy of Electronic Arts

What are the items added with the Deluxe Edition?

  • 2 Epic Outfits: Cyber Spike, High Fidelity
  • 1 Epic Hairstyle: Locked Horns
  • 1 Epic Glasses: LED the Way
  • 1 Epic Glider: Mach 1
  • 1 Epic Intro Pose: Calling in Reinforcements
  • 1 Epic KO Effect: By the Horns
  • 1 Epic Crew Vehicle: Convertible - Black and Gold
  • 3 Epic Player Icons: Bomb Ball, Pixel-Dillo, Noodles Gone Bad
  • 3 Epic Crew Logos: Ninja Strike, Record Scratched, Crazy Eye
  • 3 Epic Crew Banners: High-End, Kintsugi, Strata
  • 1500 Holobux

17 items in total are added in game, as well as 1500 Holobux that may be spent in the Brawl Shop in game for more cosmetics. The looks of these items can be easily found on YouTube if you want check out how the items look.

The only content added with the Deluxe Edition are customization items. The decision on whether $9.99 is worth for this is up to you. Most outer looks are obtainable through the Battle Pass provided by Electronic Arts. Yet if shiny, unique looks attract you or if character customization is an important factor for you, this may be what you are looking for.