League of Legends Ahri Champion Theme Released

Riot Games

Whenever a new League of Legends character is released, Riot Games comes out with a champion theme song that fits the fantasy of the champion. Since the most recent character was K'Sante, the last theme created was in late 2022. Another reason Riot releases a character theme is whenever a major rework happens.

Last year, Riot announced an Art and Sustainability Update (ASU) that was going to give Ahri a refreshing new look. This rework includes upgraded art and animations on her skins, abilities, and champion model.

Since Ahri is a popular champion within the game, players need to know when her updated theme will be available to hear.

League of Legends Ahri Champion Theme Released

Since the Ahri ASU was pushed back to Patch 13.3 due to the cyber attack against Riot, the champion theme had to be delayed as well. Finally, players can celebrate the new Ahri look and theme song because Patch 13.3 has been made available today.

Riot has posted the new theme on their Twitter account and have made it available for everyone to enjoy. Not only does the visual update give Ahri a fresh feeling, but the updated champion theme will spark new interest in Ahri that will make her an even more popular character than before.