League of Legends Patch 13.4 Release Date

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Just one week removed from the release of Aurelion Sol's rework and Ahri's Art and Sustainability Update, League of Legends players and developers are already looking ahead to Patch 13.4

Riot Games has a two week patch update time line, but the timely releases have been infrequent because of the cyber attack against the company a few weeks ago. Players look forward to the new patches because they tend to shake up the meta and make characters playable that were previously low in tier lists.

With the excitement surrounding the upcoming patch, when can players expect the update to be released? Check out the patch preview posted below from Riot Phroxzon.

League of Legends Patch 13.4 Release Date

Since Patch 13.3 came out on Feb. 9, the upcoming League of Legends update will be released on Feb. 23. This will finally get the biweekly patch updates back on track and should remain that way for the rest of Season 13.

The meta has become fairly stale in both professional play and ranked queues, with the same champions picked across all regions. This update will carry numerous changes and likely shake up the meta in various roles.

Tank supports have been buffed, while ranged supports got nerfed. Maokai, Jax, and Udyr will be weaker and open up spots in the meta for other champions.