League of Legends Rell: New Champion Announced

League of Legends Rell: New Champion Announced
League of Legends Rell: New Champion Announced / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

A new League of Legends champion has been revealed as Reel, a heavily armored battle maiden who will be ready to hit the Rift in Patch 10.25.

As a built in feature to Preseason 2021, there are scheduled release dates for content in the League of Legends client. Today, Nov. 23, unlocked the first content mystery by revealing the newest champion in development.

League of Legends Rell: New Champion Announced

Developed to be a tanky support, Rell will be the first full tank support since the release of Braum in 2015. Her abilities center on strong engages to allow for plenty of skirmishes in the bot lane.

Passive: Break the Mold

Rell has low attack speed, but each time she attacks, she steals armor and magic resistance from opponents to deal extra damage and become extremely tanky.

Q: Shattering Strike

Rell thrusts her lance forward dealing damage and to all enemies struck and destroying all shields. This ability will also heal Rell and her bound ally from Attract and Repel (E) based on the amount of enemies hit.

W1: Ferromancy: Crash Down

While mounted, Rell will charge in and leap from her metal steed and slam down on the targeted area. She also gains a shield that lasts until destroyed or until Ferromancy is recast. Both Attract and Repel (E) and Magnet Storm (R) can be cast during the animation of the leap.

W2: Ferromancy: Mount Up

Once on the ground, Ferromancy can be recast in order to mount her steel horse again. Upon recast, Rell gains a movement speed buff and throws enemies over her shoulder while dealing bonus damage. Casting Mount Up will destroy any remaining shield she gained from Crash Down.

E: Attract and Repel

Rell sends a piece of her metal armor to bind with an ally champion granting them bonus armor and magic resistance. This ability can be recast and the armor will snap back to Rell stunning all enemies who are struck by it, as well as those caught close enough to her and her ally.

R: Magnet Storm

Rell lets out a blast of fury that creates a magnetic field around her. All enemies within its radius will be pulled towards Rell for a few seconds without their actions being interrupted.

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