League of Legends Worlds 2020 Semifinals Recap

League of Legends Worlds 2020 Semifinals Recap
League of Legends Worlds 2020 Semifinals Recap / Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Worlds 2020 Semifinals came to a conclusion on Oct. 24-25. Fans around the world will witness a new world champion of the most prestigious League of Legends tournament. The last team standing will make history joining eight previous world champions.

Here is the recap of the semifinals.

League of Legends Worlds 2020 Semifinals Recap

1. G2 Esports vs DAMWON Gaming

G2 Esports vs DAMWON Gaming
G2 Esports vs DAMWON Gaming / Courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1 saw DAMWON's absolutely dominate G2. With a draft prioritizing global ultimates with Gangplank and Twisted Fate, DAMWON constantly punished G2 for their over-aggressive play. Pairing flex Lucian and Rakan in the bot lane failed to suppress DAMWON's Jhin and Leona, on top of a lackluster performance from Wunder's Renekton and Caps' Sylas. The game ended in less than 29 minutes.

G2 came online in Game 2 with Caps getting his Twisted Fate, a champion he had a 100% win rate with in the tournament. However, Jankos and Mikyx showed stronger jungle/support synergy. With two early kills in five minutes, G2 was the superior team. After taking Baron, the European squad was unstoppable, breaking DAMWON's base through the top lane.

Game 3 was G2's game to lose with Mikyx's Pantheon getting first blood. Unfortunately, it was followed by a failed tower dive which resulted in Ghost's Ashe getting a double kill. Nuguri also showcased another Lulu pick in the top lane which proved to be too strong as she, along with Leona, made it impossible for Akali or Pantheon to dive into Ghost's Ashe and ShowMaker's Syndra. The final team fight showed that it was too late for G2 to come back as Ashe shredded through G2's frontline.

Game 4 was match point for DAMWON. They had mid and bot priority which resulted in multiple roams on multiple lanes. With Twisted Fate in ShowMaker's hand, DAMWON always had the numbers advantage during skirmishes. Lacking a disengage tool to bail them out in unsuccessful fights, G2 was easily taken down by the Korean representative in less than 19 minutes in the fastest game in Worlds history.

2. TOP Esports vs Suning

TOP Esports vs Suning
TOP Esports vs Suning / Courtesy of Riot Games

Coming to the series as main title contender and LPL's first seed, TOP Esports was surprised by Bin's first blood on Wukong. Everything was in TOP Esports' favor until 20 minutes later when SofM's Lee Sin successfully stole Mountain Drake followed by an ace. The LPL's third seed marched and broke TOP's base in less than 30 minutes.

Game 2 showed that TOP wasn't going to back down after a loss. Drafting a team fight composition with Leona, Orianna and Gangplank, TOP made it hard for Suning to execute their comp. After shutting down SofM's Kindred and huanfeng's Jhin, TOP took the second game in 33 minutes.

Giving up Lee Sin for Shen proved to be the right choice for SofM. It made Bin's Jax's shine in Game 3. Every fight on the sideline, Jax never died thanks to Shen's and Leona's ultimates. After taking Ocean Soul and Baron, Suning took down TOP's nexus in 39 minutes.

Replicating Jax/Leona and adding Jarvan IV and Akali, Suning drafted a dive-heavy comp. To protect Jackeylove's Ashe, TOP threw in Tahm Kench for Yuyanjia. Four kills in three minutes reminded fans what the LPL is about. After denying Baron at the cost of their bot laners, the game seemed to be swinging to TOP's side. However, as the series progressed, Angel's Akali had eight kills. Even though Akali got shut down in 40 minutes mark, Suning aced TOP, destroying the top inhibitor and nexus to claim the second spot in the finals.