Legends of Runeterra Nightfall Aggro Deck Guide

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In Legends of Runeterra, Nightfall Aggro is an archetype that is quick, powerful, and fun to play. It's often overlooked when players talk about the top-tier decks to play, but it's consistently seen success in the hands of skilled players.

If you love fast-paced games, lots of decision making, and filling the board with spooky creatures, here's a guide for how to play Nightfall Aggro.

Legends of Runeterra Nightfall Aggro Deck Guide

Nightfall Aggro is a deck that can flexibly shift between the aggro and midrange play styles. It relies on the Nightfall mechanic - bonus effects triggered when a card is not the first card you play in a round - to quickly throw down creatures that can deal lots of nexus damage.

Here is a sample decklist by top player Agigas.

The deck can be split into two core components: Nightfall cards, and Nightfall activators. Activators are cheap cards you can play at the beginning of a round to trigger your other cards' Nightfall effects. These cards include Lunari Duskbringer, Solari Soldier, The Flight, Mountain Goat, Fading Memories, and Stalking Shadows.

When conducting your mulligan, often you'll want to keep your activators. If you already have some, Diana is a strong keep, as is Stygian Onlooker for early damage.

Legends of Runeterra Diana
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The deck typically wins by quickly dealing damage through elusive, fearsome, and overwhelm, then swinging in with a leveled-up Nocturne for a deadly last hit. Diana can pick off enemy blockers early on, and once she's leveled up, her attack can grow extremely high, threatening either removal or nexus damage.

Nightfall aggro is often considered a difficult deck to pilot due to the planning involved. From Turn 1, you'll need to plan out your turns in advance so you can combo your cards correctly. For example, even if you have a Solari Soldier on Turn 1, you typically want to save it until a later turn when you can combine it with cards like Diana or Stygian Onlooker.

When you face aggressive decks, trade with their units and sustain your nexus health, because you'll be able to outlast them due to cards like Pale Cascade and Unto Dusk giving you card advantage.

Legends of Runeterra Doombeast
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Even if you've lost control of the board, keep in mind that Doombeast's effect, when triggered multiple times with Unto Dusk or Stalking Shadows, can push for lots of over-the-top nexus damage, which will often win you the game.

Nightfall aggro is a great deck to play against popular aggro decks like Pirate Burn or Spider aggro, and it can navigate its way around plenty of decks in the current metagame, so try it out for yourself. For more decks, check out our All-In Fiora guide, or these five new decks introduced in the latest expansion.