Lost Ark Card Set System Guide

Lost Ark
Lost Ark / Photo courtesy Smilegate & Amazon Games

The Lost Ark card system offers players a lot of variety when it comes to building their character in Lost Ark. While you can build up your card deck while going along with the story, the best and most important bonuses will be unlocked from either important story event cards or legendary packs, which are rarer.

Here's a guide on how the card set system works in Lost Ark, and how to best utilize it to bolster your character.

Lost Ark Card Set Guide

Each card in Lost Ark represents either a character, an important object, or an artifact from the game. Each card comes from a set of cards, and combining two or more cards from the same set in your deck will unlock bonuses based on the number of combinations that you have in your deck.

The effects differ from card to card and from set to set, with the most powerful cards being legendary cards. There are also sets that only have a few cards, so if you decide to use those sets, you are going to have to combine them with other sets.

There are up to six base bonuses to unlock in a set, and then a few more that you can acquire by leveling your cards, depending on your set. To unlock the best bonuses, you are going to have to level up, or awaken in Lost Ark terminology, all of the cards in a single set.

Also, cards are a roster-wide system, so don’t worry about getting them on different characters. To make the most out of the roster system, ensure that you have a Power Pass and are using it the correct way.


Books are very small bonuses that record all of the cards you earn throughout your journey. Even if you delete them, they still remain in your "books" section.

Once you complete a set, it will grant you a small, permanent stat boost. This is more for the completionists fans of Lost Ark, as the bonuses only become good once you complete many combinations of books, so it will take a decent amount of grinding to earn these.

What Are the Best Card Bonuses in Lost Ark?

With so many bonuses being available at your disposal, in the beginning, it won’t matter too much which bonuses you choose. However, as you go further and further into the game, you can pinpoint exactly which cards and sets you want to complete, get to the codex and find out how to get them.

Here are some of the best card sets bonuses and bonuses you can find in Lost Ark:

We’ll Meet Again Set:

  • Sian
  • Vrad
  • Madnick


  • 3 Set Bonus: Reduces incoming damage by 12% when HP is below 50%.
  • 3 Set Bonus (9 Awakening): Reduces incoming damage by 16% when HP is below 50%.
  • 3 Set Bonus (15 Awakening): When HP falls below 50%, taking an attack immediately regenerates health for 5 seconds with a 10 minute cooldown period.

Light of Salvation Set:

  • Shandi
  • Azena and Ianna
  • Nineveh
  • Kadan
  • Thirain
  • Wei


  • 6 Set Bonus: Increases Dark Resistance by 30%.
  • 6 Set Bonus (12 Awakening): Transforms your attack damage to Holy Damage.
  • 6 Set Bonus (30 Awakening): Increases Holy Damage by 15%.

There are many sets with many bonuses, and the best thing you can do is look at all of them and try to decide which ones most benefit your character and counter their flaws. The card bonuses are definitely useful, but they do not fundamentally change how you play your character.

The cards are a fun, nice system and definitely more of a completionist type of achievement, but, in games like Lost Ark, every little bonus counts. So try to collect them whenever it's not too much of a burden, they'll only help you in the long run.