Lost Ark Song of Trixion: How to Get

"For travel to Trixion."
"For travel to Trixion." / Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

In Lost Ark, the Song of Trixion is one of the most essential songs players pick up early on in the game.

Songs in Lost Ark are useful items that can have different effects. While others can be used to increase a player's Rapport with some NPCs, The Song of Trixion is one of those used to travel to various locations. There are also some songs that can reveal hidden things within the game, such as the Song of Resonance. Now that players understand what its purpose is, here's a breakdown of how to get the Song of Trixion in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Song of Trixion: How to Get

Players can get the Song of Trixion in Lost Ark simply by completing the To the Edge of the World main quest at around Level 30.

In search of sun-kissed rain, players will travel to the Pumpkin Farm in Sunbright Hill to find that it's just a monument.

After interacting with it and speaking with bard Allegro, however, he will teach you the Song of Trixon.

Press "I" to open the Inventory Window and right-click Song of Trixion and the quest will be over.

Ultimately, the Song of Trixion is important to have as it's the only way to get back to Trixion and Beatrice, the first space area players visit and NPC players meet in Lost Ark.

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