Lunar Eclipse Senna Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

"A new wave of skins has eclipsed the PBE."
"A new wave of skins has eclipsed the PBE." / Image courtesy of Riot Games

Lunar Eclipse Senna was revealed as one of the new skins coming soon to League of Legends.

Senna and her Prestige Edition join Aatrox, Sivir, Sejuani, Kayle, Yasuo, and Gangplank among those with new offerings making their preview debuts in the 12.8 PBE cycle. Solar and Lunar skins are some of the most popular in the MOBA, and Riot Games consistently adds them to the line. Lunar Eclipse Senna and her Prestige Edition were part of an announcement that also revealed Lunar Eclipse Aatrox, Solar Eclipse Sivir, Kayle, and Sejuani, plus Gangplank the Betrayer and Sea Dog Yasuo.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Lunar Eclipse Senna skin.

Lunar Eclipse Senna Skin Splash Art

Lunar Eclipse Senna splash art
Lunar Eclipse Senna splash art / Image courtesy of Riot Games

The Lunar Eclipse splash art features Senna in the new skin line's majestic blue and purple color scheme. In the Lunar Eclipse skins, Riot Games opted to rightfully depict the League of Legends champions with thematic elements revolving around ornate armor and vibrant, magical weapons.

Lunar Eclipse Senna Skin Price

Lunar Eclipse Senna's price hasn't been confirmed yet, and won't be until it hits live servers. However, it's expected that this skin will cost 1,350 RP.

Lunar Eclipse Senna Skin Release Date

Lunar Eclipse Senna's release date isn't confirmed yet, but it is expected to arrive later this month after the Anima event concludes. Anima tokens will disappear from the loot tab on May 9, and while an event around the Solar/Lunar skins hasn't been announced, it wouldn't be surprising considering there's a Prestige Edition skin tied to this drop.

How to Get Lunar Eclipse Senna

Lunar Eclipse Senna will be available to purchase from the in-game shop for RP once the skin goes live. Additionally, players can unlock the skin if they get a shard in the loot tab with Orange Essence, or can re-roll three random skin shards to get it permanently. Of course, those latter methods aren't guaranteed as luck is required.