M416 Nerfed, Shotguns Buffed in PUBG Update 7.2

PUBG Corp nerfed the M416 and buffed all shotguns in PUBG Update 7.2.
PUBG Corp nerfed the M416 and buffed all shotguns in PUBG Update 7.2. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp nerfed the M416 and buffed shotguns in a new round of weapon balance introduced in PUBG Update 7.2, which landed on test servers Wednesday.

The developer explained its thinking in the patch notes also released Wednesday.

"The M416 has long been the most powerful AR and one of the top guns in the game as a whole, so we've adjust it and buffed some of the other ARs to give players alternative options," the developer wrote.

Data collected PUBG Corp collected indicated the M416 would replace designated marksmen rifles even at ranges over 300 meters because of its exceptional stability.

"We don't believe one gun should always be the optimal choice in all circumstances, but rather give players choices depending on their needs in the current situation," PUBG Corp wrote.

PUBG Corp described public perception of shotguns as being "almost useless unless at extreme close range." Wednesday's balance changes aim to rectify that.

See the full list of weapon balance changes below. PUBG Update 7.2 hits PC live servers May 20 and console live servers May 26, bringing bots to PC, and new gas can features and a new ranked system to both platforms.

PUBG Update 7.2 Weapon Balance Changes

Assault Rifles

  • Increased reload times for M416, M16A4 and SCAR-L


  • Decreased base damage from 41 to 40
  • Decreased muzzle velocity from 880 meters per second to 780 m/s
  • Changed damage curve distances from 60-450m to 50-350m

M16A4, MK47 Mutant

  • Decreased recoil when firing in quick succession in semi-auto and burst mode
  • Added tracers (shooter only)

Beryl M762

  • Increased muzzle velocity from 680 m/s to 740 m/s
  • Decreased recoil


  • Body damage multiplier changes
  • Increased limb multiplier from 0.9 to 1.05
  • Increased head multiplier from 1.25 to 1.5.
  • Increased hip-fire accuracy.
  • Decreased accuracy penalty during movement.
  • Decreased damage drop over distance for all shotguns.

Saiga S12K

  • Extended and Ext. Quickdraw magazines now hold 10 rounds.
  • Suppressor adds slight pellet spread reduction (2/3 of choke bonus).


  • Increased the pump-action speed


  • Increased reload speed.


  • Destroyed vests no longer disappear, retaining inventory space and providing 20% protection and slight aim punch reduction