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Madden NFL 22 Title Update 2 Download Size: What is it?

Madden NFL 22's latest update, released Sept. 2, 2021, is said to deliver gameplay tuning and improved NFL authenticity.
Madden NFL 22's latest update, released Sept. 2, 2021, is said to deliver gameplay tuning and improved NFL authenticity. / Photo courtesy of EA Sports

The Madden NFL 22 update download size is one that a lot of players are wondering about now that the new patch has been released by EA Sports.

After it was previously announced on the Good Morning Madden Twitch stream, EA dropped Title Update 2 for Madden 22 on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021. Here's the breakdown of how large the new patch's download size is in Madden 22.

Madden NFL 22 Title Update 2 Download Size: What is it?

According to RealSport101, the second Madden 22 title update is available for download on Xbox Series X|S at 12.6 GB, so expect similar sizes on PlayStation, PC and Stadia, give or take.

Madden NFL 22 Title Update 2: Xbox Series X|S & PS5

NFL Authenticity Updates

  • New Falcons, Cowboys, Colts, Packers, and Chiefs Throwbacks have been added
  • Giants new White pants added
  • Patriots sock stripes fixed to show red stripe correctly
  • Lions and Steelers field-art and Saints stadium updates
  • Fixed an issue with Riddell TK helmet
  • Fixed multiple players mouthpiece and chinstrap alignment, including Jamie Collins and Malik Hooker
  • Likeness updates to the following coaches: Frank Reich, Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Kliff Kingsbury, Mike Vrabel
  • Updated likeness of QB Cam Newton so that his dreads hairstyle appears with his helmet on
  • Fixed issue in 2 stadiums where sideline characters were clipping through stadium walls

Gameplay Updates

  • Mode-Specific tuning of Momentum added - for online head-to-head modes, momentum will swing slower
  • Addressed an issue causing exploit management to activate inappropriately when the defense had only 3 pass rushers/blitzers vs. running plays (DEV NOTE: On Competitive game style, it’s still possible for this logic to kick in if you are dropping 9 or more defenders into coverage vs. a running play with a heavy run set.)
  • Fixed an issue causing the DE to be unblocked too frequently vs. Nickel Double A Gap looks; with 5-man protections, the tackle and guard will sometimes still have to squeeze down to protect the A-gap, but this change will allow the DE to be blocked more regularly
  • Addressed an issue where users running the RPO Zone Peek plays were able to easily scramble outside the pocket if they kept the ball with the QB. The defenders on the line will now play for the chance of the QB scrambling
  • Fixed an issue causing running backs to be kept out of the game too long after getting fatigued
  • Added New Formations: Singleback Bunch X Nasty to LA Rams playbook; Pistol Double Stack added to Chargers, Eagles, Lions, and Steelers playbooks
  • Updated AI-team play-calling on offense for more team-specific tendencies and improved Super-Sim stats
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the TE to collide with an offensive lineman as he ran his route behind the line of scrimmage on play-action boot play
  • Fixed issues so that the correct Read and Pass keys for RPO Read Option plays are identified more accurately

Franchise Updates

  • Improved head-to-head stability issue
  • Addressed an issue where some offline franchise players were given an incorrect game result after completing a game
  • Fixed an issue where all defensive players were receiving the same boosts in Weekly Strategy
  • Fixed an authenticity issue around Next Gen Stats and completion percentages
  • Fixed issues with QB Passer Rating visuals and data not being consistent in Offensive and Defensive Focuses
  • Training Logs in the Progression History of the Player Card will now show whether a Focus was Offensive or Defensive Gameplan-related
  • Fixed issue where Coordinators could be poached in Super Bowl week
  • Fixed an issue with the Next Gen Stats tab of the Player Card
  • Fixed issue with News for Offseason Stories
  • Fixed an issue where auto-generated Snapshots weren’t being taken after games
  • Fixed issue where backing out of sending an Online Franchise invite resulted in visual issues in the Members screen
  • Fixed multiple issues around the player avatar displaying incorrectly while in a Player Franchise
  • Fixed data refresh issue when cutting players from the Salaries screen
  • Fixed issue where the Super Bowl matchup was not appearing correctly in the calendar bar of the Home tab
  • Fixed issue where the Super Bowl result would disappear in the League tab during the offseason
  • Fixed an issue where Season Goal was not being appropriately marked as completed in the Goals panel of the Hub
  • Fixed an issue causing stat matchup panels on the Home tab of the Hub to become inaccessible with the Right Stick.

Face of the Franchise Updates

  • Updated Draft logic to avoid having two QBs drafted in the first round on the same team
  • Fixed an issue where Madden profile widget disappears after coming out of gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect reward images appeared in post-game flows
  • Fixed an issue where players could not back out of the player hub during the Road to the Draft portion of the mode
  • General stability improvements in the mode, notably on Xbox Series X

The Yard

  • Added new plays to the Yard playbook: Crossfire Wheel, Flare Post, Blizzard V, Tsunami Wave
  • Updated AI playbooks in The Yard to prevent AI-players from running out of bounds when using double-passes

Presentation and User Interface (i.e. Madden XD)

  • Fixed an issue with Coach-Cam play-art sometimes causing coverage art to swap to the opposite side of the field after flipping a defensive play
  • Fixed an issue preventing the QB Contain play-art from updating when using the hot-route
  • Fixed an issue in play-call causing offensive plays to sometimes appear in defensive user’s play-call when playing local head-to-head
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the ‘Shook’ Home Field Advantage play-art to remain visible after the snap
  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation 5 causing controller haptics to remain persistent when the opponent has full momentum
  • Fixed a rare issue on challenged calls causing the play-result and announcement from the ref to not match
  • Fixed an issue preventing button icons from appearing when using quick adjustments on defense

Superstar KO Updates

  • Addressed an issue that would cause instability when getting to your 7th game of Infinite Run. Infinite Run will be brought back as an option in the near future after some of our other Live Events ends

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Fixed a variety of issues involving overlapping or squished text throughout the mode
  • H2H Seasons, store timer, play hub, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where text would be cut off on 4k displays
  • Fixed multiple R-Stick scrolls that were not functional
  • Removed excessive decimals in some Next Gen Stats
  • Renamed the Strategy Item slots to better indicate which items are allowed in each slot

For those on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Stadia, feel free to check out check the full Madden NFL 22 Title Update 2 official patch notes.