Marauders 'Repo Man' Quest Guide: How to Complete

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The "Repo Man" quest in Marauders is one that a lot of players have been trying to complete early on in the game's release.

Repo Man is the second available main mission in the game's "Zero to Hero" questline, which features a steady progression track with 40 opportunities for players to get started with gear, credits, affinity and experience.

Here's a breakdown of how to complete the Repo Man quest in Marauders.

How to Find the Half Track Bike in Marauders

The objective in Repo Man is simple. The Pirates need someone to find a vehicle that can help them transport some heavy gear in time for the next raid. As such, players will need to find the Asteroid Half Track Bike and examine it for three seconds.

The Half Track Bike can only be found in the Iridium Asteroid Mine map, which also known as Asteroide Mine Delta-X9 or simply Mine. The Iridium Asteroid Mine is a static location found in raids, and contains three docking stations.

The bike itself is located towards the center of the map and has a glowing headlight.

Again, it's worth mentioning that since the Zero to Hero system was designed to increase tension and cause competition between players for objectives, players should expect to be in more firefights while trying to complete these types of quests.

Once players aim at the bike, a caption will appear, allowing them to interact with it for three seconds.

In exchange for successfully examining the Half Track Bike and turning in the contract, players will be rewarded with a Commando Backpack, 150 XP, 150 Affinity (Pirates) and $2,350.

Marauders is available now in early access for PC (via Steam).

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