Marvel Announces Upcoming Collaboration With Magic: The Gathering


One of the world's biggest media franchises is combining with one of the world's biggest card games. On Oct. 23, entertainment titan Marvel announced that it would be partnering with gaming company Wizards of the Coast for a "multi-year, multi-set" collaboration with Magic: the Gathering. Here's what we know.

Magic: the Gathering is no stranger to collaborating with intellectual properties directly outside its domain. Recently, Wizards of the Coast previewed its upcoming Fallout set, and recently released sets based on Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who. So far, such sets have been put under the umbrella of Universes Beyond, the name for these extra-universal collaborations, so as to not conflict with the existing Magic IP.

Marvel Announces Upcoming Collaboration With Magic: The Gathering

According to a press release put out by Marvel on Oct. 23, Marvel will be joining Magic's Universes Beyond initiative. The press release notes that the first set will release in 2025, but adds that future sets are on the table. This marks a shift from other Universes Beyond sets, which so far have been limited to one-offs of beloved gaming, film and television properties.

Dan Buckley, the President of Marvel Comics and Franchise, said "“Trading cards have always been a part of Marvel’s DNA, so this collaboration takes that experience to a whole new level,” framing the move as a natural step in Marvel's ever-expanding entertainment empire.

Though the Magic-Marvel sets are still a ways away, Magic's latest set, Lost Caverns of Ixalan, is set to debut very soon.