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Minecraft MLB Home Run Derby DLC: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by MLB, Mojang Studios

Minecraft is bringing gland slams with MLB Home Run Derby DLC, created by the Misfit Society in partnership with the MLB. The new minigame features the classic Home Run Derby, taking place in MLB ballparks recreated in Minecraft. In addition, players can choose to represent one of the 30 major league teams in the MLB, so for fans of a specific franchise, they can sport their jersey while slamming dingers.

Minecraft MLB Home Run Derby DLC: Everything You Need to Know

In a detailed blog post announcing the DLC, the minigame is explained, although there really isn't much to say: players try to hit as many homeruns as they can in a particular time limit. The notable aspect of the DLC is in the partnerships themselves. Having the MLB work with Minecraft to create this DLC is super cool, and speaks to a growing connection between professional sports, like the MLB and NBA, and videogames as a medium.

The Home Run Derby is now available in the Minecraft Marketplace for all sports fans, so get out there and smack some moonshots. Back in June, the 1.17 update to Minecraft was released, bringing a load of new features to the ever popular game, including new mobs, geographical features, and building blocks. And for those more interested in the baseball side of games, MLB The Show 21 is churning out new content and players, like a new Andrew McCutchen card for Diamond Dynasty, and a new 5th Inning Showdown announced.