Modern Warfare 2 Movement Changes Explained


The team at Infinity Ward has introduced some major changes to the gameplay formula in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Specifically, player movement has been altered and we have the breakdown of what's been introduced and tossed away.

Each Call of Duty title brings its own flair to the franchise and Modern Warfare 2 seems to be no exception. Various changes to the formula have been revealed in an official blog post on the Call of Duty website. These changes and additions affect various aspects of the game such as Perks and Killstreaks. Most noteworthy are the changes coming to how players maneuver during gameplay.

Modern Warfare 2 Movement Changes Explained

Modern Warfare 2 aims to create a more dynamic and strategic gameplay experience for Call of Duty fans through various changes to player movement. These changes include underwater maneuverability, ledge hanging, and the removal of slide canceling.

Aquatic combat will make for new combat scenarios for players to encounter as they duel it out in matches. Players will now be able to stealthily take down enemies or make quick getaways using various water channels present in maps. If forced to engage in underwater combat, players will also need to take into account water density which could affect a weapon's efficiency and power.

Ledge hanging gives players the opportunity to look over the edge they are mantling. Doing so will give players more stealth options during combat as they aren't fully exposed when surveying their surroundings. This movement ability also allows players to fire with their sidearm when ledge hanging adding more ways to take down opponents.

One of the most noteworthy changes to player movement is the elimination of slide canceling. This movement skill has been pivotal in many players' journey to become elite competitors in Call of Duty and is sure to stir controversy amongst members of the Call of Duty community.

Modern Warfare 2 will release on all major platforms on Oct. 28.