Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Release Date: When is it?


UPDATE 11/2/22: Treyarch has announced that Ranked Play will be coming to Modern Warfare 2 in 2023. Before then, players can brush up their skills in the CDL Moshpit playlist launching at the start of Season 1. Meanwhile, Black Ops Cold War League Play and Vanguard Ranked Play will be ending sometime this month.

Original story: Wondering when Ranked Play is set to go live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II? We've got you covered.

As with just about every popular multiplayer shooter these days, a competitive ranked mode is almost a must-have, especially with the complaints of skill-based matchmaking remaining to be as loud as they've ever been in gaming. Having a ranked mode goes a long way towards improving the experiences of both casual and "sweaty" players alike, as long as it's implemented properly, of course.

Here's a breakdown of when Ranked Play is set to release in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Release Date: When is it?

The mention of Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2 initially came back in September during the Call of Duty: Next event, as developers confirmed that the mode would indeed be in the game at some point.

Unfortunately, however, both Activision and Infinity Ward have just about not mentioned Ranked Play at all in their blog posts since, leaving players wondering when the mode is set to release.

Of course, it's worth mentioning that the Call of Duty series has left a lot to be desired with its Ranked Play offerings in recent years, with both Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard getting their ranked modes in February, months after their respective launches.

Judging by the lack of updates regarding Ranked Play for MW2, it certainly appears that a similar timeline could be carried out this year as well, with the mode being just one of many features players want to see added to the game post-launch.

Back in July, prominent Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostOfHope tweeted that Ranked Play would be coming to MW2 "shortly after launch." A month later, TheGhostOfHope tweeted that in conjunction with the Call of Duty League starting its season earlier this time around in December, Ranked Play could very well drop alongside Season 1 and Warzone 2.0 on Nov. 16.

At the time of writing, Activision has yet to mention Ranked Play in any instance mentioning Season 1 of MW2, focusing on the fact that it will be bringing with it a new Battle Pass system and Seasonal Progression.

According to @VanguardIntel on Oct. 14, MW2's Ranks will seemingly include the names Iridescent, Crimson, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

We will update this story once more information on the topic is officially released, so be sure to check back soon.

In the meantime, it appears the competitive COD community can continue to work on its GA list for the mode.

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