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Most Wanted Contracts Removed From Warzone 2 to Fix XP Glitch

"The 'Most Wanted' Contract has been disabled in Battle Royale while we investigate an issue."
"The 'Most Wanted' Contract has been disabled in Battle Royale while we investigate an issue." / Activision, Caspahz

Most Wanted Contracts have been temporarily disabled in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, Activision announced Monday.

The issue pertaining to the Most Wanted Contracts appears to be an XP exploit that became widely used in the early days of the game's launch.

As longtime Warzone players are likely well aware of, there have been numerous instances over the years in which the community finds an in-game exploit that can cut hours of level grinding down to single matches.

This appears to be the case once again with Most Wanted Contracts in Warzone 2. The method itself was pretty simple, albeit far from the intended design of the battle royale experience. Players could hop into games solely for the purpose of repeatedly doing Most Wanted Contracts to jump up dozens of levels at a time.

While this certainly wasn't a bannable offense, it's certainly no surprise that Raven Software would look to remove the exploit as fast as possible considering how much faster this method was for progression than actually playing the game normally.

Ultimately, it shouldn't take long for the devs to fix this issue. However, it will be interesting to see if they take similar strides to nerf the XP payouts of Warzone 2's other Contracts (e.g. Safecracker), considering they can also be used to farm levels.

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