MTG March of the Machine: 5 Cards to Look Out for

WOTC / Livia Prima

The full card list for Magic: The Gathering's latest set, March of the Machine, has finally been revealed, giving players the opportunity to theorycraft decks and strategies ahead of the set's release date. Here are five cards in March of the Machine that stand out as particularly interesting, powerful or fun enough to be worth building a deck around.

March of the Machine is the climax of the Phyrexian storyline in MTG, which has the villainous Elesh Norn and her fanatical army of bio-mechanical monstrosities invade the Planes of the Magic multiverse. The set features new mechanics, characters and a never-before-seen card type.

MTG March of the Machine: 5 Cards To Look Out For

1. Yargle and Multani

WOTC / Slawomir Maniak

Yargle and Multani is the most powerful Creature card ever printed in Magic: The Gathering, bringing a whopping 18 power to the table for just six mana. Yargle and Multani don't have any other abilities, however, making it more difficult to put that power to use. But, when combined with another card in the set, Voldaren Thrillseeker, a one-hit-kill combo can be achieved.

2. Urabrask / The Great Work

MTG Urabrask
WOTC / Campbell White

Rebel Praetor Urabrask's third card is a step up in power from his previous entries. His abilities allow his controller to rapidly cast Instant and Sorcery spells while doing ping damage, and his Saga form wipes the board while providing resources for a big turn.

3. Invasion of Fiora / Marchesa, Resolute Monarch

MTG Marchesa
WOTC / Joshua Raphael

Invasion of Fiora is one of the new Battle cards introduced in March of the Machine. Its front side provides a powerful board wipe that can even be leveraged to affect only opponents in the right deck, and Marchesa can instantly win any subsequent Battles or eliminate enemy Planeswalkers, posing a powerful threat on the battlefield.

4. Wrenn and Realmbreaker

MTG Wrenn
WOTC / Cristi Balanescu

This Planeswalker card only costs three mana but comes with a number of useful abilities. Wrenn's passive ability makes it trivial to cast ordinarily clunky spells with multiple colors, while her other abilities create Land Creatures and recur cards lost to the graveyard.

5. Monastery Mentor

WOTC / Brian Valeza

Monastery Mentor is a powerful White Creature card first printed in the Khans of Tarkir set Fate Reforged. Monastery Mentor produces creature tokens whenever its controller casts a non-creature spell - those creatures, and the Mentor itself, also grow more powerful as such spells are cast. This can quickly create an unstoppable attacking force perfect for aggressive decks.

There are plenty of other interesting cards in March of the Machine - look out for decklists and strategies as the set gets closer to release.