MTG March of the Machine: How to Pre-Order

March of the Machine releases April 21.
March of the Machine releases April 21. / WOTC

Magic: The Gathering is starting the year with a bang. Previews for the next set, Phyrexia: All will Be One, are ongoing, and the Phyrexia storyline will have its epic conclusion in March of the Machine soon after. Here's how you can get you can secure your packs of March of the Machine when it releases in April.

How to Pre-Order March of the Machine

If you want to buy packs of March of the Machine in bulk, Amazon has Set Boosters, Draft Boosters and Bundles available for pre-order. Set Booster displays contain 30 packs of March of the Machine with 12 cards each, while Draft Booster displays contain 36 packs of March of the Machine with 15 cards in each pack. Bundles only contain 8 packs, but also come with a die for counting life points, 40 guaranteed land cards and a box for card storage.

Alternatively, players can pre-order these products from their local game stores.

In the current Magic narrative, the situation is looking pretty dire for the protagonists. A strike team of heroic planeswalkers infiltrated New Phyrexia in the hopes of stopping its invasion of other planes, but they were confronted with the defenses of Elesh Norn and the other Phyrexian Praetors who hold the plane in their metallic grasp.

Several planeswalkers were infected with the glistening oil, an unstoppable affliction that transforms all who come into contact with it into Phyrexian monstrosities unquestionably loyal to their terrifying doctrine.

At the end of the current story arc, Phyrexia began its invasion of other planes using their Realmbreaker tree, seeking to subjugate and convert all who they come into contact with. Elspeth Tirel seemingly sacrificed herself to prevent the Sylex, a kind of magical nuclear weapon, from destroying Realmbreaker and potentially the entire multiverse.

It may appear like all is lost, but players will have to wait until March of the Machine to see what lies ahead for Magic and its story.