MTG Set Release Calendar 2024

Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering just celebrated its 30th birthday, and to mark the occasion the developers at Wizards of the Coast finally revealed what's coming next for their collectible card game. At a panel at GenCon, the largest boardgaming convention in North America, WOTC unveiled several sets that will be rolling out for MTG next year. Here's what the schedule looks like.

MTG has had a big year, wrapping up the Phyrexia storyline with new Standard sets as well as expanding the Historic and Explorer formats on MTG Arena. Some major design shakeups and balance changes have also gone into effect, representing a major turning point in both the game's mechanics and narrative.

MTG Set Release Calendar 2024

As detailed in an official Magic 30th Anniversary video, eight new sets are coming to Magic in 2024.

Magic The Gathering Q1 2024 Set Releases

In Q1 of 2024 (January through March), three all-new Magic products arrive. The year will begin with Ravnica Remastered, a paper-only set that collects cards from more than fifteen years of products set in the City of Guilds and brings them together in a cohesive, revamped package. This set is produced in the style of Amonkhet, Kaladesh and Dominaria Remastered, which previously arrived on Arena.

Speaking of Ravnica, the next set out in Q1 of 2024 is Murders at Karlov Manor. Karlov is the surname of a prominent family in Ravnica who, under the leadership of Teysa Karlov, control the Orzhov guild. It's possible Teysa, a fan-favorite character, is meeting her end next year, but art revealed from the set has played coy about who exactly is getting killed. Arriving alongside Murders at Karlov Manor is a Magic-themed version of the classic Clue boardgame, an odd, but seemingly-appropriate move for a card game moving into the mystery genre.

Q1 for Magic is closing out with a wild Universes Beyond crossover with Fallout, the postapocalyptic RPG game series published by Bethesda Softworks. Fallout will be receiving Commander decks representing various factions in the Fallout universe.

Magic The Gathering Q2 2024 Set Releases

Moving into Q2 (April-June), Magic is finally going to the Wild, Wild West with Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Though details are sparse about this set, cowboys, cacti and dusty saloons are surely abound. One question that remains is how Magic will choose to adapt the western trope of gunslinging: gangster set Streets of New Capenna gave characters literal finger guns, so maybe Outlaws of Thunder Junction will do something similar.

Following Outlaws of Thunder Junction is Modern Horizons 3, a Horizons set that will reprint powerful cards from Magic's history specifically for competitive Modern play, as well as bring new cards for this purpose.

In July, another Universes Beyond crossover is coming, this one being with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series. This release will be a lower-profile one but will introduce a new kind of pack, the Beyond Booster, a non-draftable booster pack specific to Universes Beyond.

Magic The Gathering Q3 and Q4 2024 Set Releases

Magic slows down a bit at the tail end of the year, releasing just two new sets from July to December, though they couldn't be more different. Bloomburrow is a whimsical set that recalls classic children's literature series like Redwall and focuses on anthropomorphic animals. Magic's lead designer Mark Rosewater called the world of Bloomburrow "charming," but the company also noted that the set will start Magic's next big story arc, codenamed "Dragonstorm."

Magic closes out with Duskmourn, a creepy haunted house set. Duskmourn is a new plane that's just one place, an enormous haunted house filled to the brim with horrific monsters and spooks. Magic has gone to horror before with the planes of New Phyrexia and Innistrad, but Duskmourn certainly looks like it could give those two a run for their money.