MW3 Vortex Event Guide: How to Play, Rewards

Check out our MW3 Vortex event guide.
Check out our MW3 Vortex event guide. / Activision

The MW3 Vortex event is now live with three remastered maps and free rewards in the Multiplayer x Zombies crossover.

Now that CODMAS is over, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is replacing their holiday-themed maps with landscapes straight from hell. The limited-time Vortex event offers fans the chance to explore otherworldly versions of Rust, Scrapyard, and Quarry as they battle for the most coveted weapon in Zombies: the Ray Gun. Along the way, fans will earn free cosmetics, including a new Mastery Camo.

Here's everything we know about the Vortex event taking over MW3 for the next few weeks.

MW3 Vortex Event Guide: How to Play

You can play the MW3 Vortex event once it goes live in MW3. Similar to CODMAS, you will see an updated playlist option for the event that features Vortex-themed maps, Tetanus (Rust), Satan’s Quarry (Quarry), and Sporeyard (Scrapyard).

The limited-time remastered maps are also bringing the Ray Gun from Zombies to multiplayer. The brief crossover challenges players on each of the three maps to get their hands on the OP weapon and rack up as many kills as they can until they reach the target number to end the match.

If you play Zombies, you know just how broken the Ray Gun is, and now, you will finally have a chance to use it in multiplayer.

MW3 Vortex Event Guide: Rewards

As you explore the changes in the MW3 Vortex event, you can earn up to 15 rewards. Like most Call of Duty rewards, players can expect everything from Double XP Tokens to Calling Cards to Emblems.

The best reward of the event, though, is the final one: the Magma Animated Weapon Camo. You will have to grind the Vortex to get your hands on the black and orange camo.

What Time Does the MW3 Vortex Event Start?

The MW3 Vortex event starts at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024. The event will be available to play until it concludes on Jan. 17, right when Season 1 Reloaded drops.