Nemona Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide: All Six Encounters


Nemona is your new rival in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet and we've broken down each battle with her for you in this guide.

Rivals have been a mainstay in all Pokemon mainline titles and Nemona is the latest to test your abilities as a Pokemon Trainer. She is a couple of years older than you in the game and serves as a dependable guide as you explore the Paldea region. Like in previous games, she will occasionally do battle with you and can be a tough opponent if you're not prepared.

Nemona Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide

In total, you will battle Nemoa six different times throughout your playthrough. As she is part of the main story of Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet there is no way that you'll miss out on any of these exciting battles. Her Pokemon in each battle and tips on how to beat her are listed below.

First Nemona Battle

In your first encounter with Nemona, she will have only Pokemon in her party. That Pokemon is dependent on which starter Pokemon you choose. Interestingly, she strays away from what other rivals in previous games do and chooses that is weak against yours.

That means that this battle should be a breeze as you use your main attacks to target her Pokemon weakness.

Second Nemona Battle

In the second battle, Nemona has two Pokemon in her party. The first is the starter Pokemon weak against yours at level eight and the second is a Pawmi at level nine. The catch in this battle is that Nemona terastallizes her Pawmi. This gives her Pawmi attacks increased damage.

To get through this battle, you'll have to take out her starter Pokemon with your own as you did before. Given its susceptibility to your Pokemon type, this should be rather easy. In order to take down the terastallized Pawmi, we recommend capturing a Pokemon that is not weak against electric attacks. Having a Pokemon that fits this description in your party as well as a couple of potions to keep them from fainting should provide a road to victory.

Third Nemona Battle

In the third battle, Nemona has three Pokemon at her disposal. These Pokemon are a level 21 Rockruff, a level 21 Pawmi, and her starter Pokemon at level 22. As before, Nemona takes advantage of the terastallizing mechanic and uses it on her starter Pokemon.

We recommend getting your Pokemon to levels around 20-25 for this battle. Luckily, by this point in the game, you can also terastallize your Pokemon too. We recommend immediately taking advantage of this ability against her. Doing so should give your highest-level Pokemon the damage upside that can put her Pokemon away quickly. Her starter is naturally weak against yours so there shouldn't be any problem taking her starter down, even in their terastallized form.

Fourth Nemona Battle

In the fourth battle, Nemona has four Pokemon in her party. These Pokemon are a level 36 Lycanroc, a level 36 Goomy, a level 36 Pawmo, and her starter Pokemon at level 37. As before, Nemona takes advantage of the terastallizing mechanic and uses it on her starter Pokemon.

Your Pokemon should be around levels 33-37 for this battle. Lycanrock is a rock-type Pokemon and should be easy to take down with either water, grass, fighting, or a ground-type Pokemon. Nemona's Goomy is a dragon-type, so taking her down with ice, dragon, or fairy-type attacks should be the way to go. Pawmo is weak to ground, psychic, and fairy-type attacks.

It's important to keep your starter Pokemon from fainting as it'll make taking down Nemona's starter a breeze like in previous battles. For that we recommend stocking up on Potions, Full Restores, and Revives in case any of your Pokemon is badly hurt.

Fifth Nemona Battle

In the fifth battle, Nemona maintains her four Pokemon party as before. These Pokemon are a level 42 Lycanroc, a level 42 Sliggoo, a level 42 Pawmot, and her starter Pokemon at level 43. As before, Nemona takes advantage of the terastallizing mechanic and uses it on her starter Pokemon.

Your Pokemon should be around levels 38-45 for this battle. Although some of her Pokemon have evolved from your previous battle, all of their weaknesses remain the same. This should make it relatively easy to target their weaknesses again and exploit them. Keeping the same overall strategy as your previous battle should get you through this fight.

Sixth Nemona Battle

In the sixth and final battle with Nemona, her party is maxed out at six Pokemon. Players will take on a level 65 Lycanroc, a level 65 Orthworm, a level 65 Goodra, a level 65 Dudunsparce, a level 65 Pawmot, and her starter Pokemon at level 66. Refusing to buck the trend, Nemona takes advantage of the terastallizing mechanic and uses it on her starter Pokemon.

Your Pokemon should be around levels 64-70 for this battle. Lycanroc, Pawmot, Goodra, and her starter Pokemon have the same weaknesses mentioned before and should be attacked similarly to your previous battles. The difference this time around is the introduction of her Orthworm and Dudensparce.

Orthworm and Dudensparce can both be tough opponents, given their lack of weaknesses to a good amount of attack types. The most important thing is to avoid any poison-type or ghost-type attacks since those will have no effect on Orthworm or Dudensparce respectively. Your path to victory will be to have a Pokemon in your roster with fighting-type attacks as that is their main weakness.