Overwatch 2 Mythic Skins Announced

"Mythic Skins are meant to be this next tier of skins above Legendary."
"Mythic Skins are meant to be this next tier of skins above Legendary." / Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Thursday's Overwatch 2 reveal livestream event highlighted new content such as weapon charms, banners, hero emotes, a battle pass system and an in-game store, but perhaps the culmination of the cosmetics talk centered on the debut of Mythic skins.

Blending some elements from other popular free-to-play titles, this new tier of skins is set to become the most sought-after type of cosmetics in the new game. Here's a breakdown of the new Mythic skins tier in Overwatch 2.

What Are Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2?

As described during the Blizzard developer livestream, "Mythic skins are meant to be this next tier of skins above Legendary."

It appears that with Mythic Skins, players will exclusively have the ability to pick and choose between customization options available for each individual offering.

Color Customization
Color Customization / Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

For instance, with the "Cyberdemon Genji" Mythic skin, players will be able to mix and match various pre-made variants of colors, masks and tattoos. For the colors, it seems the choice players select will also apply over to their hero's decals and weapons to keep things matching nicely.

Aside from being customizable, what also makes Mythic skins undoubtedly the highest tier of loot in the game is that they are said to have special effects and animations.

How to Unlock Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2

During the livestream, Blizzard revealed that "quite a few" Mythic skins are currently in the works and that their releases will be spread out across seasons.

This certainly should motivate some suspense and demand within the community, as seen in Apex Legends where players want to see their mains next in line to have their special Heirlooms released.

Luckily for fans of the DPS ninja cyborg, the aforementioned "Cyberdemon Genji" Mythic skin is set to kick things off as the first Mythic skin releasing with Overwatch 2 Season 1 on Oct. 4.

The second Mythic Skin in the series has yet to be revealed, but is scheduled to release once Season 2 starts on Dec. 6.

At the time of publication, the only detail that remains muddy is how exactly players will be able to obtain Mythic Skins. Will they be the final battle pass reward? Will they be purchasable? It appears we'll have to wait and see.