Overwatch 2 Support Tier List: October 2022

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 has been free-to-play for gamers for almost a month. After settling into the game many active players already got their preferred heroes but others who like to try out different roles might be curious to see who is the best. One under appreciate role in any game is the healer or the support hero as they are known in Overwatch 2. Here is a tier list for the best support heroes as of Oct. 2022 in Overwatch 2.

Unlike the popular DPS heroes which have a whopping 17 heroes support has only eight to choose from. Less is more as they say so after a few matches support players should be able to determine the hero that best fits them.


  • Lúcio
  • Kiriko

Lúcio biggest strength is the combination of his mobility and his ability to constantly heal or boost the speed of his allies. As long as he is close to allies which should not be hard thanks to his Wall Ride and Amp Up abilities, a Lúcio will always be welcomed.

The new support hero Kiriko like Lúcio is quick and nimble. Her Swift Step can teleport instantly to an ally that may need healing or her ultimate Kitsune Rush which will cause nearby allies to increase speed and decrease ability cooldowns. Kiriko's Protection Suzu can also save a teammate by making them temporarily invulnerable and removing any debuffs.


  • Moira
  • Baptiste

Moira is great for both damaging foes and healing allies. Her Biotic Orbs can bounce around the map to heal teammates and hurt enemies. She is best used in a tight enclosed battle where she can hit players with her ultimate Coalescence beam.

Baptiste is one of the better heroes to use when teammates or in a pinch or close to defeat. Abilities like Regenerative Burst can instantly heal allies and it is doubled for those who lost half their health. His Immortality Field will keep players from dying and his Amplification Matrix doubles the effects of all projectiles including ones that heal.


  • Anna
  • Brigitte

Anna is one of the healers who can best handle herself in combat. With her Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenade that damages foes and heals teammates, as long as they are hitting another player it will be useful. The Sleep Dart is also a good move to incapacitate any opposing support player busy healing their team.

Like Ann, Brigitte is a great support option for those that also like to attack. With her Whip Shot and Barrier Shield Bash, Brigitte can plow through foes while healing her teammates with her Rally ability.


  • Zenyatta

Zenyatta was given a new Snap Kick that can deal up to 50 percent damage and some knockback. As nice as that is the challenge with playing as Zenyatta making sure you land shots into both allies and enemies. The extra seconds it takes to charge up the Orbs of Destruction means that every shot must count.


  • Mercy

Mercy when played properly can be the best healer in the game. The challenge with her is that she usually adds up stuck following a tank or another hero constantly healing them with her Caduceus Staff. If she can stay alive long enough she can use Resurrect to bring back a fallen teammate. On her own Mercy is pretty defenseless with just her weak peashooter Caduceus Blaster.

As more players join and patches are added to Overwatch 2 many of these heroes may receive changes that alter their status. Feel free to test out all these support heroes on your own to figure out which one best suits your playstyle in Overwatch 2.