Overwatch DPS Tier List: July 2022


Here's our Overwatch DPS tier list for July 2022.

In Overwatch, DPS heroes are usually the most popular amongst fans, and for good reason. DPS heroes are responsible for dealing damage and their main job is to eliminate opponents. Unlike support heroes or tank heroes, DPS heroes don't have to worry about healing or defense, making them one of the less stressful classes of heroes as well.

With Overwatch receiving plenty of live updates and balancing changes, the meta is always changing. With a busy July, the DPS meta changed as well.

- Cassidy
- Hanzo

Cassidy and Hanzo take the top spot in the DPS meta. Hanzo is highly mobile and can track enemies with his radar arrow. Hanzo's ultimate can also be paired with other heroes ultimates to wipe out entire teams. Cassidy isn't as mobile but can do massive damage at long and close range if players can hit their shots. Cassidy can also quickly escape encounters with his flash bang and role ability. Cassidy's ultimate also has the potential to wipe a whole team.

Photo via PlayOVerwatch

- Echo
- Reaper
- Ashe

Echo is a newer hero, but she is easily one of the best DPS characters in the game, She has high mobility and can be effective at any range. Her duplicate ability allows her to copy any enemy hero as well, making her highly dangerous. Reaper specializes in close quarters combat, and. his shotguns hit like a truck. His abilities allow him to become invincible for a short span, and he can teleport around the map. His ultimate if timed right also has team wipe potential. Ashe is able to effectively fight at mid and long ranges, but can get out of a fight quickly with her coach gun. She has a unique ultimate that can help change the momentum of a game by adding another ally to join the fight.

Image courtesy of Blizzard

- Genji
- Widowmaker

Genji is arguably one of the most recognizable Overwatch heroes, and for good reason. He's effective at every range, can deflect enemy fire, and is highly mobile. Genji's dash ability allows him to escape quickly, or to chase down weak opponents as well. The cyborg ninja's ultimate is also solid and can deal high damage. Widowmaker used to be a bottom-tier hero, but recently she has been a solid pick. Her long-range sniper is great for picking off unsuspecting enemies and her grapple allows her to escape from fights quickly.

Soldier 76
Courtesy of Blizzard

- Doom Fist
- Soldier 76
- Junkrat
- Tracer

These heroes are still solid choices, but they aren't quite what currently fits the meta. Doom Fist is a powerhouse, but is ineffective outside of close-range encounters. Soldier 76 is a great pick for new players starting Overwatch. His assault rifle comes with rockets, he can sprint, and he can self heal. His only weakness is that he doesn't quite mesh well with the play style of other heroes. Junkrat is a harder hero to use, and players will need to figure out how to aim and time his grenade launcher to use him effectively. Junkrat's ultimate can be combined with heroes like Zarya to wipe out entire teams. Tracer is easily one of the most mobile heroes in the game, however, her low damage and low health make her a less viable pick than the other DPS characters.

Courtesy of Blizzard

- Pharah
- Mei
- Torbjörn
- Sombra
- Symmetra

Mei and Pharah come in last place in the current DPS meta. Pharah is clunky, and aiming with her rockers is no easy task. Her abilities are also lackluster and have high cool-down rates. Mei is still a solid option, she just doesn't fit current team compositions. Her damage output is far less than the other DPS heroes, and her abilities are strictly defensive-based. Her ultimate is solid, but not nearly good enough to escape her current status as the worst DPS hero in the game. Torbjörn is also still a defensive-based hero, his turret and armor packs simply aren't as effective as other heroes. Sombra can hack enemies and remove their abilities for a brief amount of time. Her invisibility allows her to move quietly around the map and get the drop on her opponents. She just has little damage output and really is not a game changer. Symmetra is yet another DPS hero who is fully defensive-based. Her teleporter is useful, but she really has no place amongst the other DPS heroes.