Overwatch Roadhog Player Makes Mercy Rage With Unrelenting Hooks

"I was landing so many hooks on this mercy that I decided to try out video editing."
"I was landing so many hooks on this mercy that I decided to try out video editing." / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

In a game such as Overwatch, where there are clear roles to be played and weaknesses in comps to be exploited, sometimes the mismatches can get attacked to this point where it becomes the entire story of the match.

As shown in this clip on Reddit by u/TheTwoWipeWonder, this is exactly what can happen when a Roadhog doesn't miss their hooks on Mercy.

On Nov. 11, TheTwoWipeWonder posted a thread to the r/Overwatch Subreddit titled, "I was landing so many hooks on this mercy that I decided to try out video editing."

In just one minute and 29 seconds, TheTwoWipeWonder displayed a Mercy player losing some of their sanity thanks to them repeatedly hunting them down with Roadhog's Chain Hook on King's Row.

Before we dive into the clip, we have to point out that the Roadhog's in-game name is "STILLBJȌRN," while the Mercy's name is something I simply cannot remake on my keyboard.

The clip starts with the Roadhog typing to the Mercy "one more time." In addition to this with the previous match chat logs, we can assume the Roadhog has already managed to hook them one to two times at least.

Soon enough, the Roadhog somehow manages to get by all of the Mercy's teammates and hooks them out of the apparent safety of their spawn.

Next, the Mercy was already caught out, but instead of falling to the Pharah as expected, they suddenly get hooked out of nowhere once again by our Roadhog who steals the kill.

At this point, Mercy leaves the game for a brief moment to recollect themselves. Unfortunately, however, it appear the worst was yet to come for them in this game.

Upon rejoining the game, our Roadhog is "stealthily" hiding right outside of their spawn for them once again. They even let a Baptiste go by for good measure.

Just as Roadhog was about to lose their patience and leave, however, the Mercy shows up at the gate of their spawn and gets hooked again.

For the fourth and final Mercy kill in the clip, it appears our Roadhog had calmed down a bit and has returned to the center of the action.

Before long, however, Roadhog quickly proves they haven't been reformed whatsoever and wades through the Mercy's entire team to suicide hook them again.

What transpired next in the match chat was about what could be expected.

While the Reddit thread comments were full of users playfully calling the Roadhog a menace to society, some mentioned that the Mercy should've simply switched off much earlier.