Overwatch Tank Tier List April 2022

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

With the arrival of spring come warmth, allergies, and, of course, the joy of being one month closer to Overwatch 2's release. With that fact in mind, here's how our favorite damage-soaking heroes stack up with the Overwatch Tier List for April 2022

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S Tier


To the surprise of absolutely no one, everybody's favorite walking safety blanket is still king of this slow moving hill. With his massive shield, excellent mobility, and ability to stunlock any one particular enemy, Reinhardt reigns supreme over any other tank in the game.

A. Tier

D.VA and Wrecking Ball

Everyone's favorite militarized streamer with her energy drink sponsor / Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

Everyone's favorite gamer girl is still a top pick. Her great mobility along with her punishing close range scattergun and anti-projectiles make her a great pick for close quarters matches. In addition, D.VA has one of the most useful, and devastating ultimates in the game.

Wrecking Ball, on the other hand, is an incredibly mobile tank. Being able to turn into a grappling hamster ball with good range capabilities can lead to many complex strategies if utilized correctly.
Wrecking Ball has the ability to be used in conjunction with a fast moving hero like Tracer or Genji to flank an enemy while still fulfilling his tank role.

B Tier

Roadhog and Zarya

Roadhog's infamous grappling ability lends him to being able to harass the enemy team, taking out key players and allowing your team to breathe. His downside is lacking in any abilities that directly help cover his teammates.

Zarya is a useful tank, if hard to play, with her multiple barriers providing sufficient cover. However, she suffers from a lackluster ultimate and isn't the best at dealing damage unless the enemy is stupid enough to attack her shield full on.

C Tier:

Sigma and Orissa

While both have their uses, frankly they tend to be niche, and often a bit boring. Sigma has large area of effect attack that can be useful during an enemy push, but has weak shields that often can't stand up to well-coordinated fire. Orissa's gun works fine, but her ability to soak up damage is underwhelming, especially when compared to Reinhardt and D.Va.

D Tier


As wonderful as Winston's personality is, gameplay-wise he lacks in almost every area. With only a small shield bubble, his ability to sponge damage is minuscule compared to any other tank, and even next to some DPS and Support characters. His main gun is weak, and lacks any meaningful range, and his movement ability is awkward and often pointless. This is in addition to his ultimate being one of the worst in the whole game. All of this sadly mixes together to create Overwatch's undisputed worst tank.