Perk Glitch Gives Players Unlimited UAVs in Warzone 2

This Perk will give you a UAV anytime one is called on the entire map."
This Perk will give you a UAV anytime one is called on the entire map." / Activision

Yet another glitch has been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, this time allowing players to essentially get unlimited UAVs during matches.

The exploit was recently shared online by Warzone content creators JGOD and Metaphor, who showcased how broken the glitch can be at the moment.

Warzone Infinite UAV Glitch Explained

As explained by JGOD on YouTube, the exploit is actually the unintended byproduct of two other existing bugs in Warzone 2.

One is that the Perk Packages in Warzone are seemingly broken at the moment, as players' chosen Ultimate Perks will seemingly default to Quick Fix despite what they actually chose.

The second issue has to do with one of the Ultimate Perks itself, Birdseye. In-game, the description for Birdseye is simply the following, "UAV and Radar pings show the heading of the enemy." While this is the case in Modern Warfare II multiplayer, Birdseye in Warzone 2 makes it so that anyone who has it equipped gets a free UAV anytime someone else activates one in Al Mazrah regardless of if they're on your team. Intended or not, it's tough to deny that this is certainly a pretty overpowered Perk at the moment.

For those looking to take advantage of this method, you'll simply want to grab the Scout Default Loadout, whether it be from completing a Stronghold or picking it up from a Supply Drop. As explained by JGOD, this Perk setup guarantees that you'll get a UAV anytime one is called in on the map.

Scout Default Loadout
Scout Default Loadout / Activision, JGOD

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if Infinity Ward nerfs Birdseye soon, as well as fixes the plethora of bugs still seemingly plaguing the game for many.

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