Pokemon GO Wingull Guide

Pokemon GO Wingull Guide
Pokemon GO Wingull Guide / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokemon GO's Wingull is a Water- and Flying-type Pokemon that is originally from the Hoenn region. Introduced in Generation III, this Pokemon has various advantages in its move set and can be utilized on any team.

Pokemon GO Wingull Guide

Trainers can find Wingull in areas near a canal, dock, or a beach. This Water- and Flying-type Pokemon's go-to moves include Quick Attack, Water Gun, Air Cutter, and Ice Beam.

However, it is recommended to use Water Gun and Ice Beam as a move combination when inflicting a high amount of damage.

The best counter Pokemon to use against Wingull include Electric- and Rock-type Pokemon. However, trainers shouldn't use Fighting-. Water-, Steel-, Bug-, Fire-, or Ground-type Pokemon against Wingull.

When evolving Wingull into Pelipper, players should use 50 Candy.

There is also a Shiny Wingull available in Pokemon GO, which has green stripes on its wings.

Wingull has a maximum standard of 865 Combat Power points, as well as 106 Attack points. This Water- and Flying-type also has 61 Defense points and 120 Stamina points.

Wingull's moves are enhanced with Rain or Windy weather, and players can select this Pokemon as a versatile Water-type Pokemon on their team.

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