PUBG Bots are Confusing the Data When it Comes to Player Base

PUBG has introduced bots into the game.
PUBG has introduced bots into the game. / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG bots were meant to solve PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' matchmaking problems but has not only caused players and fans dissatisfaction but also confusion in player base data.

PUBG is a battle royale shooting game that requires 100 players to start a match. Daily look-up statistics since the addition of bots in PUBG Patch 7.1 on April 27 has been compared daily till May 15 by Redditor Hanzoon but corrected in the comments by PUBG Lookup Owner and Redditor oopsishartedtwice.

PUBG Bots are Confusing the Data When it Comes to Player Base

Hanzoon posted their findings and indicated that the player base has been declining as all aspects have been gradually decreasing, most notably the days and seconds alive, matches and players numbers.

This is wrong as the PUBG Lookup Owner commented that the data is incorrect and misleading. The player indicates that the software in which data is provided by the API lead to an unfortunate circumstance because it was not updated fast enough to cope with the changes and addition of bots.

The PUBG Lookup Owner commented that the information that is provided did show less human participants due to the addition of bots but an increase in matches played as there was a case where there was a shocking 99% of bots in a match. The player concludes the correction by saying that it is their fault for not predicting the change and fixing the issue quicker and stating that they don't know if there is a significant drop in the player base, but does state that a small decrease has been seen.

Whether the addition of bots was used to inflate the numbers of PUBG matches and their player base numbers or it was to purely decrease matchmaking time, it would be relieving for players if PUBG and PUBG Corp released another statement that also showed their current player base numbers. An increase in matches but decrease in players per match would be great for recreational players but for hard-core fans or professional players, facing actual players would be more satisfying and helpful in honing their skills.