PUBG Console Update 6.1 Patch Notes Released

PUBG Console update 6.1 patch notes hit the servers Thursday morning.

The update is a massive one, and PUBG Corp is holding no punches as it introduces new features, items and even a new map.

PUBG Console Patch 6.1 Patch Notes Released

Karakin is going to be the main focus of the community as players prepare to fight and die in a brand new spot. "Karakin is a 2x2 km island off the coast of Northern Africa. It’s an arid, rocky environment that provides wide-open terrain and challenging engagements. It’s small, fast, and dangerous: Expect the tension of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok," PUBG Corp said.

And a new feature of the patch is the Black Zone which only applies to Karakin. Here's everything mentioned:

  • The Black Zone is designed to push players out of the safety of a building.
  • The hazard is random: towns and compounds can be undamaged, totally flattened, and everything in between.
  • The mix of buildings and ruins evolves in real time throughout the match: Meaning don’t always expect that building you run to for cover to be there late in the match.
  • Remember, if you hear the siren, and you are inside that purple circle on the mini-map - evacuate!
  • Buildings destroyed by the Black Zone will be marked with X on the mini-map.

The map is also receiving an exclusive explosive in the Sticky Bomb. It works in conjunction with Breach Points, another addition added to Karakin.

  • Certain walls and floors have breach points which can be destroyed with Sticky Bombs
  • This feature presents more tools for our players: For campers, it allows more sight lines/windows to be created
  • For squads going on the offensive however, there are new options for storming buildings- “Do we blast in through the back of the building, or through the roof- maybe both?” the choice is yours!
  • And for explorers, we’ve hidden many secret areas for those players with a spare Sticky Bomb or two, and a keen nose for loot

PUBG Console Update 6.1 is now live on the console Test Servers.