PUBG Console Update 7.2 Adds Weapons and Armor Changes

Weapon and Armor Changes are in the latest PUBG Patch 7.2
Weapon and Armor Changes are in the latest PUBG Patch 7.2 / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG console update 7.2 has arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles which includes some weapons and armor changes.

PUBG Patch 7.2 also brought in a new Ranked mode which replaced Survival mode, but also vehicle UI improvements, sound improvements, world changes and new skins and items. Fans can wake up on May 19 to a new patch to be downloaded and start their journey to another chicken dinner.

Here are the changes to weapons and armors in PUBG Patch 7.2:

PUBG Console Update 7.2 Adds Weapons and Armor Changes

Weapons have been modified with the release of Ranked mode to make the mode fairer and not a single weapon the main weapon. AR and shotguns were the main changes in this patch.

Assualt Rifles (AR)

The M416 has finally been adjusted with other AR guns buffed to make the M416 less omnipotent. Reload times has been increased for the M416, M16A4 and SCAR-L and the M416 has also been downgraded in its distance effectiveness.

M416 Changes:

  • Base Damage: 41 to 40
  • Muzzle Velocity: 880 m/s to 780 m/s
  • Damage Curve Distances: 60m - 450m to 50m - 350m

M16A4 and MK47:

  • Some adjustments have been made to their firing rates and stability to increase their use in the game. Developers have added tracers for shooters only and also decreased recoil for burst and semi-auto quick firing situations

Beryl M762:

  • Muzzle Velocity: 680 m/s to 740 m/s
  • Decreased recoil and increased muzzle velocity was added to hopefully increase the usefulness of the gun as it was not a very popular or used gun.


To increase the effectiveness of shotguns for mid to late game, shotguns were given body damage multiplier changes in the aim to see more being used. In addition, there is a decrease in hip firing accuracy, accuracy penalty while moving and damage drop over longer distances.

Body Multiplier Changes:

  • Limb: 0.9 to 1.05
  • Head: 1.25 to 1.50

The only armor changes in PUBG Patch 7.2 are for vests. The vest not only increased an inventory space but provided protection for the player but once it is destroyed, inventory goes back down one and there is no protection for the player.

With Patch 7.2, players will still keep their vest after it is 'destroyed' with 20% protection and the additional inventory space.