PUBG Ranked Squad Mode Exploited: Player Farming

Ranked mode in PUBG filled with bot-like players
Ranked mode in PUBG filled with bot-like players / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Ranked mode, only playable as squads, was just released in Patch 7.2 but some players are already exploiting the system and farming players.

PUBG replaced Survival mode with Ranked mode to give players more competition to players with others in similar skill levels. Players receive Ranking Points after each match based off kills and personal placement as they move up divisions.

To increase RP, some have found methods to farm players and here's what happened:

PUBG Ranked Squad Mode Exploited: Player Farming

Redditor u/Nitesen posted a clip of a Ranked match in PUBG and just by the opening frame, it can be seen that it is very early in the game, Phase 1 and only a minute and a half into the game. In addition, there are 41 teams left with 62 players alive.

Numerous amounts of players can be seen dropping in one location with two others standing, awaiting their landing. Once on the ground, the players barely move, if any, and just stand there without shooting each other. Their bot-like behavior could be mistaken for a bot but Ranked mode does not have any bots in the game.

As the player moves along, some bot-like players take a step before resuming standing still. The player starts shooting off each player, whilst a car can be seen driving towards the pack, stopping and a player jumping out to join the group.

By the end of the video, not all players were shown to be killed but the number of teams left was reduced to 23 and number of players were 44. This was all done in a matter of 30 seconds.

Comments are disappointed in the game but also the players as it ruins both the game and mode. Some call the player a 'no-life' and 'cheater' and others comment on how the player must have spent a lot of time on this to work. Some comments stated the death of PUBG and Ranked mode.

One comment stated that the players most likely won't get banned as others have also seen Twitch streamers and players complete this exploitation or cheat in the game.

Whether they were paid to get killed or accounts of their own, this can be considered cheating. To keep the game alive and competitive, PUBG Corp will need to investigate these occurrences as it will kill the game if it continues.