Ratae Bureau AC Valhalla Armor Location

Ratae Bureau AC Valhalla armor location
Ratae Bureau AC Valhalla armor location / Courtesy of Ubisoft

Ratae Bureau in AC Valhalla is the location of one of the armor pieces scattered in the game's expansive map. Armor is a critical item that provides numerous stats boosts for Eivor and enhances a stealthy playstyle. There are five armor pieces available to hunt in A Brief History of The Hidden Ones quest. One of them is Hidden Ones' Gloves. This piece of armor can be found in an underground passage Ratae Bureau in Ledecestre, the main city of Ledecestrescire, covered in rubble. Ratae Bureau is one of the six Bureaus that Eivor needs to find in the game.

Ratae Bureau AC Valhalla Armor Location

Here are the walkthrough to get the armor:

• Head to the northeast area of Ledecestre, marked with gear icon. Find a floor with Assassin's Creed logo. The place is surrounded by columns.

• Hop on top the columns.

• Look around for a giant pile of rubbles inside a hanging net.

• Shoot the shiny top part of the contraption. It will result in the rocks collapsing.

• Descend through the hole to reach Ratae Bureau.

• Pick up the Hidden Ones' Gloves in a chest near the Codex page.

Leicestershire is home to wealth and loot. Aside from gears and armors, players will have to roam around Leicestershire for its books, cargo, and ingots.