Redfall Launch Schedule: Release Times

Arkane Austin / Bethesda

The sun will soon rise over Redfall - though the vampires that have taken it over aim to block it out. Arkane Austin's new game releases next week, and the developers have announced exactly when players will be able to get their hands (or claws) on it.

Redfall is an open-world, co-op shooter set on an island in Massachusetts that's been overrun by vampires, cultists and mercenaries. Players take on the role of one of four playable characters and can complete the game alone or in groups of two to four. The game has been described as similar to STALKER or the Far Cry series, though outwardly its multiplayer action may recall games like Borderlands or Back 4 Blood.

Redfall Launch Schedule

In a tweet released this morning, Arkane Austin showed off a graphic explaining when players in different regions of the world will be able to access the game. Arkane also released tweets with a new launch trailer and PC requirements.

Redfall release times
Arkane Austin / Bethesda

The graphic accounts for regional time zone differences, but players will be able to access the game at roughly the same time. Furthermore, preloading is available now, per the tweet, meaning the process of downloading the game is expedited and it may immediately be launched when the game goes live.

With a multiplayer game like Redfall, players may have issues finding co-op games due to server load - it may be wise to play the game solo on launch, then jump into a cooperative campaign when any outstanding issues are resolved.