Redfall Playable Characters and Special Abilities

Arkane Austin / Bethesda

Redfall launches in under a week, bringing co-op vampire hunting action to players worldwide. The game, developed by Arkane Austin, who previously worked on sci-fi sleeper hit Prey, is set to release with a cast of unique playable characters, each with different abilities and playstyles. Here's who you have to choose from.

Redfall takes place in a small Massachusetts island town overtaken by vampires, cultists and mercenaries. It's been plunged into a permanent eclipse, giving vampires and their underlings free reign to pursue innocent victims and drain their blood. The town won't give up so easily, though, and as the game's tagline says, it's time to bite back.

Redfall Playable Characters, and Special Abilities

At launch, Redfall will include four playable characters. Each character has a unique set of abilities, allowing players to customize their playstyle. The game's official page introduces them, while their character trailers provide additional gameplay details.

1. Layla Ellison

Redfall Layla
Arkane Austin / Bethesda

Layla volunteered for a medical trial with Aevum Therapeutics, which went terribly wrong (or right!), leaving her with supernatural abilities. Layla's unique abilities are:

Umbrella: A psychic umbrella blocks projectiles and can also let loose a blast of psychic energy.

Lift: A spectral elevator propels Layla, her allies or even enemies into the air.

Jason: Layla calls on her vampire ex to take out enemies.

2. Jacob Boyer

Redfall Jacob
Arkane Sutin / Bethesda

Jacob arrived in Redfall with the Bellwether mercenary company. He's an expert sharpshooter, but a vampiric attack took one of his eyes - leaving him with ghostly abilities and a raven companion. Jacob's abilities are:

Raven: Jacob's raven can scout ahead and damage enemies when upgraded.

Cloak: Jacob stole an invisibility cloak from his former employers, allowing him and his allies to stay undetected in the midst of enemies.

Heartstopper: Jacob can use this ability to summon a ghostly sniper rifle that locks onto enemies and can shoot through walls when upgraded.

3. Devinder Crousley

Redfall Devinder
Arkane Austin / Bethesda

Published cryptid hunter Devinder arrived in Redfall at the best (worst) time. His book signing interrupted by vampires, he now uses his cryptid-hunting gadgets to kill the vampires of Redfall. Devinder's abilities are:

Translocate: Devinder has a teleportation device that can also damage enemies and be used as a decoy when upgraded.

Arc Javelin: Devinder can stick these shocking implements into surfaces or enemies, dealing AOE damage.

Blacklight: Devinder can exploit vampires' weakness to UV light, petrifying them and staggering human enemies. Hitting petrified enemies shatters them, killing them instantly.

4. Remi De La Rosa

Redfall Remi
Arkane Austin / Bethesda

Ex-Navy combat engineer Remi brings her robotic companion Bribón to the table, providing additional support and explosive expertise. Remi's abilities are:

Mobilize: Creates a healing field for allies.

Siren: Bribón distracts enemies, giving Remi and her allies an opportunity to take them out when distracted. Can be upgraded for healing and damage.

C4 Charge: Remi can use this classic explosive to blow up enemies or even gain some air (don't try that at home).

According to Forbes, Redfall is receiving two additional characters in the form of post-launch DLC, bringing even more options to the table. Furthermore, player parties are not limited to one of each character, according to IGN, meaning everyone can play as whomever they like (cloning!).