Renata League of Legends: New Champion Possibly Leaked

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Renata might be the newest League of Legends support champion after leaks of TFT Set 6.5 were revealed. A player had datamined a unit called "Renata" from the Chinese mobile version of TFT as well as one of their abilities and their skin line.

Back in Riot Games' Champion Roadmap of September 2021, Riot had released that a new AD Carry and support would be added to the game early in the year. On Jan. 20, Riot brought the kinetic marksman, Zeri, into the game. As of now, it is rumored that Renata will be the new support and will be released on Mar. 3.

Images of Renata have also been leaked, revealing her purple, glowing eyes as well as a mask that she wears. The roadmap described the new support champion as a charismatic yet terrifying character. The support champion's design was also created based off the idea that money is power. Players believe that Renata's lore will show that she is a criminal mastermind from Zaun.

Renata League of Legends: New Champion Possibly Leaked

Renata's TFT E ability was also leaked in the game data:

  • Passive: Renata’s basic attack deals percentage of the target’s maximum health as true damage.
  • Active: Renata fires a missile at her target dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. The blast also reduces enemies magic resistance. This attack can stack.

Along with Renata's leak, Twitter user @SybrLoL released a possible list of skins that will be released in the next few patches along with the dates they will be released. Players were excited to see that Kha'Zix could be receiving a new skin as well as Neeko.

Arcane's Silco is also coming to TFT which has excited many players. Next set, it is also believed that Zeri will be added to the game.