Respawn Answer Calls to Change Apex Legends Loot Pool

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With the recent addition of new content in Apex Legends, some fans have been calling for adjustments to be made to the game's weaponry.

By now, Apex Legends players have been getting fully stuck into Season 11: Escape. This season saw the addition of new map Storm Point, new Legend Ash, and a new C.A.R. SMG. While this new content brought a much-needed shake up to the game, many have grown concerned that the weapon pool has become oversaturated.

Recent seasons have seen the addition of the Rampage LMG and the Bocek Bow. Now, with the arrival of the C.A.R. SMG, some players have been calling on Respawn to remove some of the lesser used weapons in order to improve the weapon pool.

One player took to Twitter to fire a request at Respawn's Live Balance Designer, John Larson, saying, "Remove weapons for gods sake , nobody cares about P20, bocek or 3030 and actually helps with the loot pool distribution."

"I know some of your favorite guns are those 3 but I'm talking in loot distribution terms, obviously any gun is good if you know how to use it. I said those 3 [because they] are worse compared to other ones of the same class..."

Larson replied to the request by saying, "You take that back. I care about the Bocek. We got stuff in mind. We know we can’t keep releasing weapons without considering the health of the loot pool."

Respawn Answer Calls to Change Apex Legends Loot Pool

With a sizeable weapon pool, perhaps Apex can utilize a similar system to other Battle Royales. Fortnite, for example, uses the system of vaulting and unvaulting weapons periodically. The benefit here is that it tends to shake up the games each season, forcing players to try their hands at different weapons.

While it remains unclear exactly what Respawn's plans are when it comes to Apex's weapon pool, Larson's comments indicate that something is definitely in the works. Removing some of the game's lesser used weaponry might be a good start. On the other hand, having to make do with an undesirable weapon adds a more frantic feel to a match, don't you think?

Regardless, with no confirmed roll-out date, players will likely have some time to wait before we see any real change come our way.