Respawn Developer Explains Why Apex Legends Control LTM Will Leave Eventually

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment introduced a new limited-time mode called Control in Apex Legends Season 12. Described as "our first big team mode in Apex Legends. This time, you’re not just fighting alongside your squadmates; you’re fighting alongside eight other players for control of various strongholds throughout the Outlands."

It's been a rather successful launch, and while players are enjoying the new season and LTM, many are wondering why can't the game mode stay? It's a good question since you're seeing multiple developers admit to their mistakes like Raven, Infinity Ward, and Activision just did. Developers struggle to get in their own way at times and refuse to listen to their community. You're seeing it in Warzone, and Apex Legends fans don't want the same thing for their favorite game.

That's where Redditor Butterscotchgames70 came into play. They asked a simple question.

"Look I'm not a game developer or something but I'm genuinely curious why doesn't Respawn keep these gamemodes?? Even if it takes a lotta effort to make this a stable gamemode it would attract many new players."

A Respawn developer responded in kind.

"Hi, good question, and one that we didn't know the answer to 100% ourselves. But a couple of things we considered:"

  • Adding modes fractures the playerbase from that point forward
  • it would be really hard to maintain all the game systems at our standards across modes (think legend balance across different modes)
  • most importantly: we can see that there's a sweet spot for the durations of most LTMs (see: the McRib). If you've been getting good at standard BR, its common to see that player go back to their main jam after a period of time.
  • That said, new modes provide new data, and depending on factors like those I discussed, keeping a mode around isn't impossible.

It's definitely a certain type of philosophy. The fear of missing out can drive traffic and sales, much like the McRib. Why does it only occasionally come out? Especially if it's so popular. It's because McDonald's believe they make more sales by releasing it occasionally than they would if it was a part of the menu at all times.

The same thing goes for Apex Legends. Respawn believes these limited-time modes find success because you can only play them for so long. If they become a staple of the game, as Arenas did, you have to continue to balance it. Players become bored and demand more content for the mode, causing the team to have to split their resources. If they keep it a limited-time mode, the game stays fun and fresh.

It might not be an answer you like, but it's one Respawn is sticking with.