Respawn Reveals Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Update, New Legend Rhapsody

Image courtesy of Respawn

Apex Legends Mobile is getting its Season 2 update July 12, and it's bringing a new Legend, maps, game modes and more. Here's everything you need to know about the Distortion update.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Update Patch Notes

Apex Legends Mobile new legend
Image courtesy of Respawn and EA

The highlight of the Distortion update will for sure be the introduction of mobile-exclusive Legend Rhapsody to the Apex Legends Mobile roster. Per the patch notes, Rhapsody's abilities are as follows:

Gifted Ear (Passive): You pick up and visualize sounds from an extended range
Hype Anthem (Tactical): Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and recharges shields. Taking damage will end the effect.
Rowdy's Rave (Ultimate): Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that blocks incoming sight and scans.

Additionally, two more events will be coming during Season 2 per the notes:

Town Takeover: Encore Galore!

The carrier Encore Galore has arrived at Kings Canyon, painted tip to tail with neon paint almost as loud as Rhapsody’s music. Land on Encore Galore for awesome loot and a chance at finding a VIP pass.

Rhapsody LIVE

Complete challenges in-game to earn special Rhapsody posters to commemorate this brand new Legend's arrival in the Apex Games!

New Game Modes: Gun Game & Hack

Yet another highlight in the patch notes are the two brand new game modes coming to the game: Gun Game and Hack. Here are their descriptions from Respawn Entertainment:

Gun Game: "Acquire kills to work your way through the extensive Arsenal of guns available in the Apex Games. Most points, or three melee kills wins in this fast paced game mode!"

Hack: "In this mode, two teams face off as Hackers vs. Defenders. As Hackers your job is to work with your team to Hack one of the two sites on the map to gain points. After three points have been attained, the Satellite will punish your opponents by frying them to a crisp. As defenders, your job is to stop the hackers at all costs!

First to win four rounds wins the match, work with your team to either hack the ADS and laser your opponents or eliminate hackers to stave off death by orbital cannon at all costs."

For more inforation on the new update, check out the full patch notes here.