"Resurgence Style" Map Heading to Warzone 2, According to Leaks

Fortune's Keep in Warzone.
Fortune's Keep in Warzone. / Courtesy of Activision

The new Resurgence-style map will reportedly be coming to Warzone 2 in 2023, months after the game launches.

Warzone's Resurgence modes have become a popular battleground for CoD players, owing to the typically small size of the map and the lack of gulag. As long as a teammate is still standing, eliminated players can drop back into the fight for a second chance. Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island have become the go-to maps for players looking for more fast-paced action and, according to leaker @TheGhostOfHope, a new map is in the works for Warzone 2.

Posted to Twitter, the leaker's tweet reads, "Infinity Ward are planning to release a Resurgence style map sometime midway through 2023. Another new Battle Royale map coming in late 2023."

While this leak doesn't give up too many details about the upcoming Resurgence map, it does indicate that only a Battle Royale mode will likely be available at launch. Another Battle Royale map will reportedly be added during the later part of 2023.

While Activision has yet to confirm map details for Warzone 2, perhaps more information will be revealed during the Call of Duty: Next showcase on Sept. 15.

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