Sentinels of Light Event, New Game Mode and Skins Announced

Sentinels of Light, a new game mode and more skins were revealed in a presentation for League of Legends. | Photo by Riot Games
Sentinels of Light, a new game mode and more skins were revealed in a presentation for League of Legends. | Photo by Riot Games /

Riot Games members revealed a new game mode, more skins, and information on the upcoming Sentinels of Light event for League of Legends via a presentation through YouTube on July 2.

The presentation led by Riot Games employees was largely based on the Summer season events, especially for the Sentinels of Light of event that is slated for a July 8 release. The game's executive producer, Jessica "Safelocked" Nam, detailed some of the lore of the story before it releases, though not everything about it was listed.

Aside from the event, a new game mode aside from the popular URF and One-For-All matches will be released during the event, "Ultimate Spellbook."

Ultimate Spellbook will be a game mode where champions can take another character's ultimate ability from a choice of three champions. The possibilities of what kind of combos can happen from this are endless.

"In Ultimate Spellbook, you get to choose another champion's (ultimate) from three different options. You'll still get your ultimate, as usual, and your new (ultimate) will take the place of one your summoner's spells," Nam said in the presentation.

Aside from detailing the core of the game mode, there was no further information that was presented about the Ultimate Spellbook mode.

Lead skins producer, Ambrielle "Eggo McLego" Army, later discussed the state of skins for League of Legends Wild Rift and League of Legends.

Army said that the skins that are provided between the two games are not necessarily going to be the same for both games, as popularity for the same skin in another game is not necessarily the case for the other game.

"With all this in mind, sometimes League PC and Wild Rift will explore totally different thematics. Other times, we'll collaborate on the same thematic, but maybe we'll choose different champions. Or maybe, we'll launch the same skins, but they just look a little bit different between games," Army said.

This philosophy will also be the same for Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra card game as all of the games will experiment with the reception of the skins and may later implement it into others if they are popular.

Photo by Riot Games

On top of the announcement of the state of skins, new skins will also be released in the future. The presentation showed final concept art of the "Crime City Nightmare" skin line for Twisted Fate and Akali, early concept art for a "Debonair 2.0" skin line that featured Malzahar and Leona and a new skin that is in the works for Kayn.

There were no further news from the presentation, though Patch 11.14 is just a few days away from its July 8 release.