Snoop Dogg Bundle Teased for Warzone, Vanguard and Call of Duty Mobile

It appears the next Call of Duty in-game collab is ready to go.
It appears the next Call of Duty in-game collab is ready to go. / Photo courtesy of FaZe Clan

The Call of Duty social media team coordinated a delightful surprise for fans of both the iconic first-person shooter franchise and rap music Friday, hinting that a Snoop Dogg in-game bundle is on the horizon.

About a month after leaks first surfaced about a Snoop Dogg skin coming to Call of Duty, as well as a week removed from the D.O. Double G officially joining North American organization FaZe Clan, it appears the legendary rapper is set to be immortalized video game-style.

"Recovered these Dogg Tags in battle," the Call of Duty account Tweet reads. "Anyone know whose they are?"

In the seven-second clip, we not only hear Snoop coughing in the background and saying "damn," but we also see a solid gold chain attached to two hanging dog tags that just about confirm the involved titles and release dates of the collaborative bundle.

It appears Call of Duty Mobile will be releasing the Snoop Dogg bundle first on April 1, 2022, while Vanguard and Warzone players will be able to purchase the offering hours before 4/20 on April 19, 2022.

As touched on a bit earlier, leaks that seemingly have since been removed from notable Call of Duty leaker ZestyCODLeaks' Twitter feed reportedly showcased a Vanguard-themed Snoop Dogg Operator skin decked out with a gold chain, fedora and sunglasses.

Ultimately, this definitely seems like a step in the right direction, as Call of Duty has had several bundles in the past dedicated to cannabis culture, had Snoop Dogg featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts as a voiceover DLC pack, and recently released a pair of Attack on Titan skins that showcase the endless possibilities for pop culture collaborations in-game.

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