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TFT 11.13 Forgotten Draven Comp Explained

Ruined Draven Illustration
Ruined Draven Illustration / courtesy of Riot Games

Forgotten Draven is one of the best team comps in Teamfight Tactics patch 11.13 that use the Forgotten trail to play around Draven.

TFT patch 11.13 was on June 23, 2021. This was a relatively small patch but with a lot of rework in attempt to change the usage of champions.

Yet there are various events going on in TFT- more of a celebration. June 22 was TFT's second anniversary. Riot Games is giving out a free little legend, Cakespirit, to thank players.

The Skyglass Origin event is also available until July 8 at 1 p.m. ET. Riot Games has been attempting to move ahead with the lore of Runterra regarding the Shadow Isles and Viego. We are getting a Ruined/Sentinel skinline and a Sentinels of Light event in League of Legends, and more is to come for mobile Wild Rift soon.

TFT 11.13 Forgotten Draven Comp Explained

The TFT composition we will be talking about today also puts a focus on the Ruined champions, also known as the Forgottens in TFT.

This is a Draven carry composition using the Forgotten trait buff- bonus attack damage and ability power. Because Forgotten is a relatively strong trait early game, Forgotten Draven is a safe game call. We also have Ryze as a back up source in case Draven dies during the match.

Here is the list of items Draven should have:

  • Bloodthirster
  • Sacrificial Infinity Edge (Shadow)
  • Guinsso’s Sacrificial Rageblade (Shadow)

Shadow items are especially good for Forgotten traits because each shadow item held by a Forgotten champion increases bonuses by 15% on all Forgotten champions. This is a massive buff.

Ryze is your second carry. Give him the Very Dark Blue Buff and Guardian Angel. Because his other trait is Abomination, Ryze will be able to come back to life twice and do his job. Although he has received a nerf, he and the Shadowed Blue Blue buff still show great synergy.

Early Game

You should start building Forgotten units in the early game. Recommended characters are Thresh, Warwick, and Vayne. You can let Vayne hold items for Draven until he is ready. Varus is not a Forgotten but a ranger, thus having him on the board will make good synergy with Vayne.

Mid Game

There is not much strategy for mid-game. Keep adding more Forgotten units. Forgotten is a great trait because it includes all kinds of rolls such as tank, assassin, ADC, etc.

Find a Legionaire trait champion to give Draven bonus attack speed. Mordekaiser would be ideal as a great brawler but you could easily work around Kayle or Riven as well.