TFT Patch 12.13 Comp Tier List

Courtesy of Riot Games

Since TFT Patch 12.13 has now had nearly a week on the live release, players are getting familiar with the best playable comps available. While this article won't go over many of the popular team comps, this should give you a starting idea of what to play this patch.

TFT Patch 12.13 Comp Tier List

S-Tier: Varus and Illaoi

Despite Astral taking some hits in the hotfix, and Varus getting nerfed in Patch 12.13, AND this comp already being really good in Patch 12.12, Varus and Illaoi have once again jumped to the very top of TFT's meta. Since achieving Varus 3 is much easier due to the Astral trait than most champions, Deathblade goes from a solid item to an absolutely devastating one. Partner him with an Illaoi 3 that refuses to die with tank items, and you get one of the best comps in the game.

A-Tier: 6 Jade

This is an example of a team that's still reasonably playable but shouldn't be prioritized over one of the more meta team comps. This comp took a hit after Shi Oh Yu got nerfed in Patch 12.13, but it still has the potential to inflict pain upon other players with the right items. Anivia 3 is still a dominant AP carry in the right hands, and despite the nerfs, Shi Oh Yu is still plenty good enough to take you into the late game.

B- Tier: 9 Ragewing

Despite 9 Ragewing receiving buffs in Patch 12.13, it just isn't strong enough to carry you deep into the late game without tremendous luck in the form of three-starring units and getting perfect items. Sett Reroll can get you winning games into the mid-game, but where the comp falls apart is when you have to start winning against late-game comps. Shyvanna, even when two-starred, doesn't have the same impact as some of the other dragons. Ragewing units are still recommended for many other comps, such as Xayah and Shen, but don't expect to be winning every game with this team.