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The Ascent Spider Boss: How to Beat

Photo by Neon Giant

The Ascent has its fair share of boss fights, but the Megarachnoid is perhaps the scariest of all, at least for those with arachnophobia. You face off with the Megarachnoid at the end of the quest "Empowerment" and for players caught unaware, they'll find themselves punished hard. For players struggling to take down this early game boss, there are a few things to keep in mind that'll make this fight easier. Here are some tricks to beating the Megarachnoid.

The Ascent Spider Boss: How to Beat

The first and easiest thing that players can do is make sure their level is high enough. You don't have to over-level, but if you're three or four levels behind, it's only going to make things harder for you. The big thing to watch is you and your friends' loadouts. The Megarachnoid uses fire attacks, so equipping armor that is resistant to fire will dull the robot spider's attacks. For your weapon, energy weapons are great, especially if you've managed to upgrade one of them.

The fight itself can be tricky, but there are some strategies you can implement to give you the upper hand. The Megarachnoid's flame thrower does serious damage, even with fire-resistant armor equipped. Avoid it at all costs, to keep your health up and stay in the fight. If you have unlocked the Javelin Dash ability, using it here would be excellent. Just play smart, don't take unnecessary risks, and you should be able to topple the spider.

The Ascent offers plenty for players to dive into, with endgame content after the main story, as well as a new update that resolves the ICE 1 chest bug.